Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Group Party

In Kyle's preschool, there are three of them with birthdays in a 5 day period. Last year, Kyle's party was one weekend, and the two other boys each had one the next weekend. That's a lot of partying. So, this year we were trying to coordinate, and one of the moms stated her envy about our great location -- the town park where I had it last year and planned to have it again this year. The subject came up about doing all three of them together, and inviting the whole (large) preschool class as a sort of end-of-school bash.

At first I wondered if it would be like a dreaded group project -- you know, where someone slacked (they might be saying that about me, actually), someone was too exuberant wanting to meet-up all the time, and someone else micro-managed.

In actuality, it was totally great. There was a big crowd. About 25 kids came, plus some of their siblings and parents. It was a real blow-out. The weather was great, and with a division of labor, it really wasn't too much work at all.

We knew that each birthday boy would want his own cake (pictured above). I made Kyle's. I may have read about this way to make a Lego cake somewhere long ago, but I was basically winging it. I used 2 boxes of cake mix, poured about an inch or two of batter in 3 different loaf pans, and made a tray of mini muffins. Then we frosted the loves, and frosted the mini-muffins, and put them on top. Kyle's one request was that the cake had sprinkles, so I added some blue sugar crystals, stacked them somewhat precariously, and there you have it. It was a big hit.

Because there are 24 kids in the class and each birthday boy invited a few other guests, we split the list up. In each invitation we put in a note, "You can honor all three birthday boys by bringing a gift for ___________." A few people brought gifts for all three, but they probably would have attended all three anyway.

My house is now overrun with all manner of five-year-old boy toys, and he was thrilled to receive all of them: lots of K'nex car-building sets (are Legos totally out??), moon sand, a neat magnetic atlas book, a Playmobil set, tinker toys, a fun phonics game, some cute little Mario Kart cars, Hot Wheels and more.

We got him a bike. It's about time. Amanda wanted me to tell you that he totally ignores it and doesn't ride it and only wants to play Wii, but I'm giving him some more time.


morninglight mama said...

Looks like a grand time. But all I can say about the presents-- oh, the dreaded Moon Sand. We don't have any, but I've heard from friends that they think the person who gave it to their child must really hate them. :)

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle! What a fun party (and a great idea)!

Laura said...

FIVE!? I can't believe he's five already, wow!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh, looks like lots of fun! And a big success! I love the Lego cake.

I'm glad Kyle got a bike! Logan has a "trainer bike" -- no pedals, made for little kids to scoot around and get used to balance. But he ignores it too. :)

Mommy said...

What a great idea to combine parties! My daughter is turning 3 this month and I'm still not "up" to having a party. I think we'll just do the family dinner thing and call it good.

Maybe next year we'll do what you did tho - it looked like a lot of fun!

Martha said...

Jennifer what a great idea! I bet if really felt like a great party. Legos are still good here. In fact a Lego store opened up at the mall and it is great!!! Jason refuses to ride the bike now because the training wheels are off and he si not enjoying learning how to use it. He'll ride when he wants! Your such a great mom!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

A combined party is a great idea! Will got a 20 inch bike for his birthday. He had outgrown the little 13 inch. After a few days he's finally mastered riding it. I also hate moonsand! We received some as a gift for my TWO YEAR OLD!! With glitter no less. UGH!