Thursday, June 25, 2009


HAGS -- anyone? anyone?

A cousin to LYLAS or BFF, I figured out what HAGS meant as I was reading through Amanda's yearbook -- Have a Great Summer. Ah, of course.

Yes, her school year is finally over, after dragging out following a late Labor Day and a week of snow days to make up, and then an odd Swine Flu closure. This week really was the start of summer vacation for us (although this New England weather might still think otherwise -- it was 78 today, but the cool and cloudy weather has persisted despite the official onslaught of summer).

So today they did all the important things like cleaning out their lockers and signing their yearbook. Looking through hers brought me back to when I got mine -- flipping through page by page, looking at everyone's class pictures and rating them -- feeling a flush of victory when I found myself in a candid shot, especially if I didn't look like a dork. I felt that same excitement when I saw Amanda, posing for a shot with her lunch crew, looking absolutely adorable (all of them, but especially Amanda of course).

So, since it's finally here, I feel like I can finally say to all of you:

2 Sweet
2 Be
4 Gotten


LYLAS, Jennifer


morninglight mama said...

So totally cool! There's a playground equipment company named HAGS . When my co-teacher and I went to a national conference years back, we had someone take a pic of us under their giant HAGS banner. It's one of my favorite pics ever-- we had it next to our nameplates outside our classroom for years. :)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Very cute! I was just thinking about getting my high school year book out. I'm a little afraid to look. :)

heather said...

My niece has been educating me about all these. At first, I thought she was talking about me (Heather Anne Goodman = HAG).

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Aw! Hope Amanda has a great summer!

I never heard of HAGS. But my yearbooks were full of mysterious letter combinations too.