Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kids' Picks: More Poetry & Percy Jackson

Thanks to the Children's Classics -- Poetry roundup, Kyle and I got back on the poetry kick. We're both enjoying it.

When we went to the library last week, we browsed the poetry section, and selected a couple of poetry books out. It was sad, because the librarian said, "Most of those books don't get checked out very often unless someone has a project. And poetry is great. It's so good for kids. Keep reading it." I think that we will.

The one we've really enjoyed is Margaret Wise Brown's Mouse of My Heart (which is apparently out of print). It's illustrated by Loretta Krupinski, and the drawings are amazing. It's mostly poems with a few poetic stories included as well.

Amanda, the reading wonder as mentioned in the Kids' Pick post* over at 5 Minutes for Books, has actually been listening more than reading the last couple of weeks (*Be sure to check out the other participants' recommendations for this month via the comment section).

She enjoys audiobooks, and so I routinely browse that section of the library when I'm there. I saw that The Last Olympian, grabbed it, and asked the librarian, "Isn't this the new one?"

"Yes," she smiled. "I don't think it's even been checked out yet. We just shelved it."

When I gave it to Amanda, I got a huge smile and a tight hug. This latest Rick Riordan book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series just came out, and has of course been in high demand, so she was happy to score a copy in any form. So, when she has downtime, she's bene listening to it instead of reading. She's finished listening to all 10 discs in less than two weeks (with two very busy weekends in the midst). "This book was really good," says my budding critic.

Mom extracts more info asking, "Was it good as an audiobook?" "Mmm-hmmm" she answers in the affirmative. Perhaps I should put the finishing touches on my post at night when she's more alert?

Her friend had a birthday coming up and said she wanted books. Knowing Amanda's love of audiobooks and the novelty of them, I asked her if she listened to audiobooks, and she did, which made Amanda mention that her great mom got the newest Percy Jackson audiobook for her, at which time she found out that Haley had not read any of them.

When we got home, I asked Amanda if she'd like to get her those books. I said, "She read the Harry Potter books, right? Do you think that they are similar -- like if someone liked Harry Potter, they'd like Percy Jackson?"

Her response was immediate, "No, I think that they are just like the best books ever, and everyone would like them. Like who wouldn't like these books?"

Well okay then. I thought that we could maybe get her the first couple of books. I'm not the kind of mom who spends $25 plus on birthday gifts. Many do (as I can see when we receive gifts), but I think that a thoughtful gift that is $10 to $15 is fine. That's why I was SO happy to find this great deal on amazon: The first 3 books in the series, boxed, for under $12! Since Haley's a good friend, we got her the fourth one too, making an excellent gift for her best friend for under $20.

So, I think that I'm safe to say that she's recommending the Percy Jackson series from Rick Riordan if there are any tweens who haven't read them (I haven't read them myself, but I heard from the librarian when the first novel was gaining popularity that it was sort of complex -- language-wise, I think -- and she didn't recommend it for younger kids. I'd say age 10 or 11 and up).


Amy said...

This sounds good, Jennifer. I'll have to look for this author at the library, since children's and YA lit are my real first love! : )

Martha said...

We've (Steve and I) have read them all but the last one. We tried to get Michael to read too but he only made it through part of the first one. They are great and you should read them. I'll go check out her other entry and leave my ideas there.

Carrie said...

Wow! Way to go Mom on bringing home such a treat from the library! That must have put a great big smile on your own face!

Marinela said...

This sounds really good, Jennifer :)

mommablogsalot said...

Talk about a great recommendation - I might have to read those Rick Riordan books myself!

morninglight mama said...

Neat! I'll have to look them up for a year or so from now. And what an awesome score on the bday gift!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

You guys are great -- always letting us know about books we'd been wondering about. :) C. has read a Riordan book (one in the 39 Clues series), but hasn't read any of his Percy Jackson books. We've been curious about them, and are glad to have Amanda's recommendation.

anner1010 said...

We LOVE Percy Jackson! You can check out the progress of the movie on IMDB.