Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

A few random thoughts that can't fill a whole post:

  1. This is the first day of Kyle's summer. The first Wednesday that he hasn't had school. To celebrate, he's played lots of Wii, some computer, and watched TV. And he's pajama'd.
  2. I am wearing the mom equivalent of pajamas -- a long sleeved T-shirt (because for the second day in a row it's cool and cloudy), track pants and slippers. I've celebrated by working on some book reviews that aren't coming along so well for some reason, chatting on the phone, and decluttering a giant dump zone.
  3. Also -- getting my bathroom ready for the remodel. Yes, the one week break in between doing the kids' bath and the powder room and our bathroom turned into more than a month. Should I be surprised? But I think I'm ready, and I think that I'm going to be happy with the results. And if not, I'll at least be happy it's done. Demolition should start later this week or on Monday.
  4. When I was at Target recently, I picked up two card games to play with the kids. We finally tried out the first one yesterday. Amanda, Kyle, and I played Slamwich. It's marked six and up, but it looked like newly-turned-five Kyle would be able to play. There's a variation where you take out one of the more complicated steps, and he played just fine. This is a game of speed and reaction, so it should be no surprise that the 10-year-old beat her mother and her little brother. However, Kyle thought it was all hilarious, and laughed and laughed, whether he was winning (never) or losing (pretty much the whole game). I'm looking forward to playing the other one, Scrabble Slam!, with Amanda this afternoon and perhaps even seeing how Kyle's word-making ability progresses this summer.
  5. I'm in a little reading slump lately. I mean, not slumpy as compared to people who don't read. In fact, I've probably read 200 pages in the last 3 days, but it hasn't been very satisfying. I keep switching back and forth between two novels and a memoir, and a non-fiction parenting book (okay Free-Range Kids HAS been hilarious and quite satisfying). I may break down and give myself an hour to get further in the stories, or start yet another book that promises to hold my attention.
What's new with you?


carolsnotebook said...

We like Slamwich, too

Carrie said...

Long live pj's!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I love pjs. But I'm trying really hard to be showered and dressed before my hubby leaves each morning. I think I've made it a month now!! Whoohoo!!

We are now on day FOUR of cloudy, drizzly, rainy days. I. AM. READY. FOR. THE. SUN.

Lisa writes... said...

I get the reading slump. I'm reading (yes, ma'am, I am!)...but I can't pay attention to what I'm reading...

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Even in your reading slump, you're still far surpassing my own pitiful reading lately.

Scrabble Slam looks fun, and I'm glad you're enjoying Slamwich adn that Kyle can join right in!