Monday, June 08, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Kyle had his preschool graduation ceremony today, and there was a slide show at the end with pictures of the kids throughout the year. At the end it said, "College graduating class of 2026," and that really hit me.

It's hard saying goodbye to the teachers who have played such a big role in his life the last two years.

Because the school is right in the middle of 3 different school districts (which each have different elementary schools), the children there will be going to at least six different Kindergartens. I find it hard to say goodbye to the parents as well, who have watched Kyle grow up, and whose children we have watched grow up.

I'm sure that we'll keep in touch with a few, and I'm hoping to organize a few park playdates this summer, but things will never be the same.

In related sibling news, Amanda's soccer team placed first in the tournament this weekend. In this age of "everyone gets a medal," this one actually says "Champion," so they are extra proud.

We had four games over Saturday and Sunday, and thankfully beautiful weather to enjoy while we were watching. Amanda scored a goal, and made a save as goalie, so she did her part. Amanda has been fortunate to have the same coach for the last four years. His daughter is on her team, and he's coached each year. He's obviously coached them to their full potential (not only did they place first in the tournament, but they were undefeated for the tournament and for the whole season) -- but what's more, he's done so in a caring and supportive way -- helping them to be competitive, yet acknowledging their limits, and accepting each girl for her own ability.

Unfortunately, it appears that we are saying goodbye to this coach and this team as well. Several of the girls will be on the competitive travel team, including the coach's daughter, so he will be moving on to other things. And again, it's hard to say goodbye to the coach with whom we've been pleased, but also to the girls and the parents who have stayed together for the most part over the years.


Martha said...

OK....doesn't it sound like 2026 will be forever away? It'll be here before you know it! Is Amanda going to keep up soccer? It gets hard as they get into middle school.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

These good-byes really are hard. W/ C. at a private school, there are always kids leaving and new kids coming, so there's quite a bit of flux. Lot's of kids came just for preschool, or just for kindergarten, etc. Lots of good-byes.

Congrats to Amanda and her team -- and it really does sound like she's had a fantastic coach.

I was a little emotional about leaving C's teacher this year. She's been so amazing, and I don't know if next year will be able to compete...

Also...2026??!! That year completely caught me off guard.

Karla E said...

There are always goodbyes and so many amazing hellos that go along in life. I think those really prepare our kids for "real" life.

For us the most amazing hellos have been in moving to new sports teams...especially those where parents are no longer the coaches.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

2026? It feels so far away! And yet it'll be here in a blink of the eye! Glad to hear about your positive experiences with sports and schools!