Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every Trip Has a Story

It seems like every trip has some sort of story: the accident narrowly averted, the airline that lost someone's luggage, and if you have kids, vomit often figures in the retelling of past vacations (yes, it's that kind of post, so look away now if you are squeamish).

We've always avoided this issue while traveling, but in telling a few friends my story, I've found that it's more common than not.

Between the Einstein bagels right by the hotel being very very slow, and me having to rearrange everything in the car, we got off a little later Saturday morning than I planned, but at 8:00am, we were off. Kyle had decided that he was just going to share some of mine and Amanda's bagels (since I wouldn't let him order a cookie for breakfast), and we were fine with that.

Fifteen minutes into our drive, I had eaten most of mine, and handed back 1/3 of it to him. He ate a few bites and hurriedly gave it back to me saying, "Take it! I don't want anymore. I don't like bagels."

And then it happened. He leaned over and put most of it in the pull-down tray between the two seats in the back. Amanda screamed and pushed against the other side of the door to get as far away from it as possible. Of course then she started gagging too. I grabbed the bag and handed it back to Kyle, who as per usual, wasn't too upset with this turn of events.

Because we were right in town, it was a couple of miles before I could exit. But I laughed. What else can one do? Kyle has gagging issues, so I assumed and hoped that was the problem, and that it might be one-time thing.

I pulled off the interstate and into a parking lot, and told Amanda and Kyle to get out and stand in the grass. As I was unbuckling Kyle, he needed to puke again, and instead of throwing up outside the car, he turned back towards the tray. I thought that this was stupid, but now that I'm thinking about it, it would have been on me had he leaned out the car.

I utilized the wipes in the car and cleaned things up. It didn't get on his car seat or the carpet (which would have made for a very very stinky drive home), and I was able to clean it up well. We went into the bathroom and washed our hands and arms and faces.

Fortunately, I had not cleaned out the car the night before, because our parking lot was not right outside our hotel room, so I gave him a fast food cup and told him to use it if necessary. When he had to use it (and the other one I had) twice more a few hours later, I was worried that he really was sick. He napped, and I think that helped him feel better, until he got really hungry around 5:00pm. He hadn't eaten (cardinal rule when they are sick -- if they aren't begging for food, don't let them eat), and he was tired in spite of two little naps. He was ready to stop for the night and was for the first time really acting like he didn't feel well. We also hit the Central to East coast time line, which made it an hour later, so I decided to stop about 100 miles sooner than I had planned.

I stopped at the Wal-Mart next to the hotel and got some children's Motrin, apple juice and Pop Tarts (thinking he might want to eat one). He still seemed pretty miserable, and I dosed him right away. By the time we checked into the hotel a few minutes later, he was a different kid. He said he was going to share some of mine and Amanda's Subway sandwiches. He did and seemed fine.

The hotel had a pool so they even swam for about 30 minutes.

At midnight, Amanda and I were awakened by his retching (Oh I most definitely chose to sleep with Amanda). He got sick twice that night as I laid in bed praying that he would feel better and stop throwing up and that Amanda and I would be spared (at least through the next day).

Both kids were just fine today, and I am too. So far so good. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

So have you been spared this malady? I'm surprised that of the three people I've mentioned it to, they've all dealt with it.


Dad said...

Sorry, but it seems it could have been worse. Glad you are home.
We sure enjoyed your visit.

Carrie said...

Oh. Wow. Well, THAT'S one for the record books! What a memory!

It sucks to travel while feeling sick so I feel bad for Kyle.

Glad you are all home safe and sound (more or less, eh?) now!

sarah said...

Oh dear! as new parents, we're learning all about barf (especially the unpredictable kind...). You've given us something to look forward to!

Sarah Brown said...

I have had it happen in the car and just had to turn around and go home driving with a throw-up covered child. What a drive!=(

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! Every trip has a story but you always hope it won't include puke/ vomit/ throw up.

Yes, we have one of those stories. We flew to El Paso for the funeral of hubby's last grandparent. I felt "off" but assumed it was the flying and being about 4 months pregnant. The 2nd or 3rd night there I was sick. Bad. Again, thought it was due to pregnancy. Our last day the two boys seemed "off" (they were 1 year and 2.5 years old). Our final night we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with my in-laws and aunt/uncle. Then Will threw up on me TWICE! The 3rd time we called it a night. Then we flew home the next day. Airline attendants gave us first class treatment the whole way. Never was so glad to get home as I was that day!!!

morninglight mama said...

The farthest we've ever traveled with kids was via airplane, MD to FL, with JAM when he was 2, and other than a leaky diaper when he was sitting on my shoulders while watching a show at Disney, there were no messy accidents of any sorts.

Then when Red was 2 months old, we drove from MD to GA, over the course of a few days (stopping in VA, then in SC), and other than a few spit-up moments and a WHOLE LOT of screaming in the van, there was no puke or messes.

We're driving the 3 hours or so tonight back home from Williamsburg, so hopefully I'll still be able to claim the no pukey record. :)

Martha said...

Yes, been there too! I just pulled over, cleaned up best as possible and then keep going. I am glad you all got home safe....that is what is most imprtant.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! (For Kyle AND for you!) Poor guy.

We have puking-in-the-car stories, but they are due to car-sickness rather than a stomach bug. However, I admit that one of my traveling fears is a kid coming down with a stomach bug in the middle of a trip. Glad you survived!