Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greetings from Ro-Kare-Jennifer

We are enjoying our visit here in Texas with friends and family. We are even withstanding the heat okay. I've had some internet access the last few days but am about to head over to my grandmother's house for the last leg of my trip (before heading home via Tulsa to visit my sister). In thinking about visiting her, I was reminded of her first trip to visit us. This originally posted on 10/15/06.

My grandmother Mimi is here this week. I am so proud of her for coming on her own. We have big plans for the week. She's already been blown away by the beautiful New England Fall (being from Texas, the land of one, maybe two, seasons--hot and not hot). Tomorrow we are taking a lovely drive to a nice little town, where we will drive country roads, see a gorgeous waterfall, and eat a pastry or two in town if we so desire. Wednesday I'm taking her into "the city" (as those of us in the New York area call Manhattan), and we're going to see the Phantom of the Opera.

So, since she's here, I've gone from being "Jennifer," or "Mom," or "Honey," to my childhood name of "Ro-Kare-Jennifer." Roselyn is my mom, and Karen is my sister, to me, but to Mimi they are Jen-Kare-Roselyn or Ro-Jen-Karen. Does anyone in your family call the role when they are trying to get your attention? Do you in your own family? I know that I am most guilty of calling Kyle, Shadow or Shadow, Kyle. Will you agree with me to the similarities between a dog and a toddler underfoot when you are trying to get dinner ready?

I have a few advance posts ready, and I'm sure I'll come up with much to say, but if I'm a bit scarce over the next week, that's why.


morninglight mama said...

Ha! Love this-- my mom is one of 7 kids, and I swear that my grandfather would go through each of his daughter's names (3) then each of his granddaughters' names (5) before getting to mine! I can totally relate to this one.

heather said...

I have a horrible habit of calling my sister by her daughter's name and vice versa.