Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Freeze It. Just Freeze It.

I just bought a delicious watermelon today. They were $3.88 each at my Stop and Shop. I got a fairly big one, and picked it out to the best of my ability. It seemed heavy for its size and had a yellow spot where it had been sitting in the field. I've heard that these things are good in watermelons. Also, it was dirty -- like it actually had dirt on it -- for fresh produce (with a thick inedible rind) that is a good thing, right?

I bought it because it was on Amanda's list for the fruit salad that she was going to make us for dinner tonight (as a part of our dinner, of course). Amanda makes a mean fruit salad. Her secret is a squeeze or two of fresh lemon or lime juice.

Even though the watermelon is delicious -- juicy, firm not mealy, and flavorful -- fresh fruit often goes bad before we eat it. There are only four of us, and while our first reaction is "Yum! Delicious watermelon!" after a couple of days, we sort of forget or get burned out.

My solution? Freeze it. Just freeze it. Not as some sort of long-term storage method, but as a frozen treat. I cut my watermelon into wedges, and then slice it fairly thin (maybe 1/2 inch). You can leave the rind on. It's better to let it freeze on a flat cookie sheet, but once it's firm, just store it in a freezer bag.

This works great with grapes too. With the grapes, I usually switch them from fridge to freezer as they are starting to go bad.

Do not let the fruit thaw and try to eat it, or it will be mushy. Just eat it straight out of the freezer.

I got these pictures from the National Watermelon Promotion Board -- Watermelon.org. How cool is that? There's even a watermelon blog. I grabbed all these images legally from their media page.

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Erin @ Closing Time said...

I have heard that frozen grapes are so yummy, but I've never tried it. This is a great idea!

Jennifer said...

Our family of four usually has no problem consuming an entire watermelon, but this would be fun, too! I think I'll try it.

Becky said...

While frozen fruit is great to eat as is, it is also excellent in smoothies. Either way, it's perfect for avoiding waste.

foodieplus4 said...

Love it! I have half a watermelon sitting in the fridge right now. We'll try this.

mub said...

I wouldn't have thought to freeze watermelon! Thanks for the tip =)

Allison said...

We rarely have any watermelon left, but I never would have thought to freeze it. We love frozen grapes, especially as an outside snack on hot days. We'll have to try watermelon next.....if I can save some in time!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I love summer fruits.


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Steph (My Country Haven) said...

We love watermelon and this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Carie said...

Great idea! We always have watermelon for 3-4 days and it's mealy by the time we finish it.

Kelly said...

We love frozen fruit. Great idea!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Great idea! I freeze grapes, but never would have thought to freeze watermelon.

We're a big fan of fruit salad here, too.