Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going Through the Motions

I'm not very tuned in to the music scene these days. I don't really listen to commercial radio -- it's kids' music or NPR most of the time. I like music, I just don't have time to listen. When I'm home and not involved in child-care responsibilities, I don't really like background noise. I prefer peace and quiet.

I'm thinking that all of this will change, but for now, I'm a little out of it.

So I was surprised when I heard that Matthew West had a new CD out. I love Matthew West. His first CD Happy is awesome (and that link will give you a GREAT price). I rushed to buy his second, History, which I enjoyed (not as much as the first -- I renamed this one "Sad."). When I find an artist I like, I generally rush to buy (or occasionally now -- download) the artist's latest. Something to Say has lived up to my expectations.

I didn't know the story behind the song "The Motions" which has gained so much attention. Watch the video of "The Motions" to listen to his unique sound and see a little bit of his story. Actually, that's one thing that I like so much about Something to Say -- it seems to be very personal.

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morninglight mama said...

What an incredible story for that singer! Thanks for sharing that!

Carrie said...

HA! Well. At least in the area of CCM I might know more than you. But if they all start making movies, I'm out of my league again!

Anonymous said...

I just love "Going Through the Motions." Matthew West is one of my favorites even though I don't necessarily recognize all of his songs. This giveaway is a great idea!