Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mail Call!

Yesterday was the day that the students at Amanda's intermediate school have been waiting for since they got out of school last June. August 24th the letters with their homeroom teachers were mailed out.

She's been checking the mailbox obsessively for the past week. Maybe it will come early?

But yesterday while we were at a friend's house, the postman came (letter carrier?). He brought with him the letter that they had all been waiting for. There were already three phone calls that had come in while we were at the park asking "Who did you get?"

The arrival of the letter made for a fairly easy departure for us. "Drive faster, Mom," the tween urged.

As we rounded the bend of our street my daughter, who seems to take 10 minutes to get out of the car, slipped on her flip-flops, picked up her lunchbag and said, "I'm ready to get out. Let me out at the driveway."

I parked in the garage and got out. I heard the shout of glee and saw a flash of her aqua shirt through the trees as she ran back to the house. "It's here! It came!" She dropped the rest of the mail in the driveway and ripped into her letter to see the name printed there.

When we got into the house, there were 8 messages on our machine. Two were hang-ups and two were the same person leaving two messages, but of course they all said the same thing, "Who did you get?"

After returning phone calls and making a few of her own, she found out that only one person is in her class, but a few are right next door "so maybe we'll have lockers near each other," and she thinks that she'll have the same lunch period as her best friend.

We still have a week before school starts, but at least we know where we are going.


Photo credit: Random summer photo taken by Mom of the tween enjoying summer (and growing up SO fast)


morninglight mama said...

This year's 6th grade, right? That was seriously my favorite year of schooling-- good friends, not yet the switch to the 'junior high' mentality, a real fun childhood time!

Best wishes for a happy year!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

What a great point!

You're right, 6th grade is a great time (although we were already starting to get into girl-drama at my school).

I've loved seeing her friendships become closer in the last couple of years.

Carrie said...

=D What a great story. Of course, I personally have a hard time imaging the scenario (due to my own educational format- the answer of "WHO'D I GET!?!?!?" would have been the saaaaame every year) but I'm laughing at her utter exuberance! How fun is that?!

BTW, how did the camp experience go?

Sarah (of Kevin and Sarah) said...

So fun!! I can totally remember that time of the year.

In our town, classroom assignments (at least pre-HS) were published in the town paper. So, you could see where you were placed *and* where your friends would be.

Kristin said...

Ohmigosh! I remember those moments. But you're right! At least he knows where she starts.

Martha said...

We are dealing with budget constraints this year, so instead of sending letters, we made phone calls. It was a huge hit though. It was fun to come home and see facebook and see all them moms telling where their kids would be this year (and the ones that hadn't been called)!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Loved reading about Amanda's excitement!

C. was not fact, he didn't even want me to mention the word "school." Right up until the night before school. :) He's been in school a week now, and is adjusting to the fact that it's here, like it or not. He does like that he gets a locker this year, though.