Monday, August 24, 2009

Pajama-ed, the Mommy Version

Because I've had work going on in my house for the last forever, I haven't been able to spend many mornings pajama-ed, even on days when we didn't have much going on. Because people could show up at my house at any time (of course, I didn't know when or if they were showing up), I wanted to make sure I was showered, dressed, and my bed was made no later than 8:15 or so each morning.

Today I luxuriated in the ability to postpone the shower until almost 9:00 a.m. The bed is still unmade right now at 9:45 (although I will remedy that shortly, because even though I'm not a good housekeeper, having my bed made does make me feel better about the general state of my bedroom).

We still have about a week of summer here at the Snapshot house until the buses start to roll. We've had a busy summer. Not too busy, but we've certainly not had any time to be bored. Back-to-School will be good. I appreciate the accountability of that schedule, and it's about time.

But today, I enjoyed the ability to act just like Kyle, and say "Woo-hoo, I can stay pajama-ed!"


Speaking of Kyle being pajama-ed, I was browsing through my posts labeled food (so that I could find the recipe for Chalupa Dinner Bowls). I couldn't help but notice that my posts about food featuring Kyle also featured him wearing pajamas. Not only pajamas, but the exact same red race car pajamas (which you can see by scrolling down to July 2008).

I found the recipe for Chalupa Dinner Bowls (I'm making it tomorrow), and I also enjoyed the stroll down memory lane as I browsed through the archives.

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