Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amanda's Fall into Reading List

Amanda (age 11, 6th grade) wanted to join in the Fall into Reading Challenge as well. She has an even harder time than I do making a list, because she reads so much. How can she know what she will feel like reading 2 months from now? However, she made this list with some books in mind that she knows she wants to read.
  1. The Gregor the Overlander books 2-6 (by Suzanne Collins)
  2. Dear Pen Pal
  3. Daddy Long Legs (Mom just started reading this aloud to me)
  4. Love, Stargirl
  5. Harry Potter 5 (re-read)
  6. Harry Potter 6 (re-read)
  7. Harry Potter 7
  8. The Nobodies
  9. The Anybodies
  10. All the Nutmegs I haven't read yet
  11. Finish Peter and the Starcatchers
  12. Peter and the Shadow Thieves
  13. Peter and the Secret of Rundoon


morninglight mama said...

What a great list-- fantastic goals to set!!

JAM loves the Peter and the... series. He read the first one several times last year, and this summer he got all the others from the library. My hubby followed along and read them, too, and said that he enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Daddy read?????

Shauna said...
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Shauna said...

Did you know there's another Starcatchers book coming out next month? I added Peter and the Sword of Mercy to my challenge list as soon as I heard. The books are great fun for adults, too! :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I'm glad you decided to join Fall Into Reading again, Amanda! I'm always impressed with how much reading you manage to fit in, even with school in full swing.

I hope to read the first Gregor book before too long, and I know my 10-year-old, C., wants to read it too...eventually. And the Nobodies/Anybodies series looks like a good one too.

Enjoy all your reading!

tinylittlelibrarian said...

What a great list! I have Gregor #2 on another challenge list for this year and the Nobodies is one of my favourites! Have fun!