Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Bloggers I Enjoy

Well, the winners of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards are being announced right now -- as I type this, new ones are being posted (holding my breath to see if 5 Minutes for Books makes the cut in either Best Community Builder or Best Bookclub Blog).

Each day there's a new blogging topic for those of us who want to jump in. You can write your own answers and then link to the main post, and also visit others.

Today's assignment involves throwing out some recognition to blogs that didn't make the shortlist. I DID discover some great blogs via the shortlist, and am looking forward to finding more.

What book blogs mean something to you? Who are your most trusted sources for recommendations, your greatest help, the blogger you turn to for a laugh or to vent? Whose writing do you admire or who introduced you to a whole new genre you didn’t know about? We want to hear all about them…because we want to know them too! Please share about the blogs we haven’t had a chance to meet via BBAW and let the party begin!

A few blogs come to mind. There are a few that I discovered as a judge for BBAW. These are all blogs that I subscribed to, yet didn't make the shortlist.

Steph & Tony Investigate
(very fun observations on books and more)
Suko's Notebook

Pam's Perspective
Three Guys One Book
Vulpes Libres

The other set of bloggers that come to mind are those who are regular participants in the 5 Minutes for Books carnivals Kids' Picks or Children's Classics. I always get great ideas, and these are a few of the ones who tend to suggest books that I know my kids will love, month after month:

Dawn at my thoughts exactly
Carrie at Reading to Know
Amy at Hope is in the Word
Steph at Olive Tree
and Bookie Woogie is a riot!


Suko said...

Jennifer, you are so nice. Thank you! I enjoy your blog very much and have just joined as a follower.

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Thanks for the nod. :) I enjoy participating at 5M4B and have missed it the last few weeks as homeschooling is taking over life right now! ;)

morninglight mama said...

As I've said to you before, this whole book blogging thing is just fantastic and wonderful. You've pointed out some great sites here!

Amy said...

I'm with Steph @ Olive Tree! Thanks for mentioning my little ol' blog, even though I've bailed on the last few carnivals. Life is crazy right now, but I'll be back!!! :-)

Steph (Steph & Tony Investigate) said...

Even though we didn't make the shortlist, I'm glad you liked what you saw at our blog enough to subscribe! Thanks so much for mentioning us here, it means so much!