Sunday, September 13, 2009


This has been sort of a tough week. That "hit you hard in the face because everything is starting up including once a year type things such as Open Houses" season is upon us. Last week and this week each have several evening commitments and daily obligations.

Kyle has been a bit tired in the evenings as he's getting used to his new school schedule (tired is a nice way of saying that several times he was an emotional mess by 6:45 p.m.). Terry was out of town all week as well, and without my partner's support, it doesn't take long before I'm a little snippy, especially with a busy busy schedule.

Saturday morning I came home from my Bible study meeting to find the children not dressed (for the soccer game for which we were supposed to be leaving in 15 minutes). There were some impatient and unkind words spoken by both of us to the children, who had been reminded before Terry got in the shower that they needed to get ready. Let me add here that Terry has an awful case of poison ivy. Really horrid. And you know how you act when you don't feel well?

So at church today, our pastor taught on this passage:

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Ephesians 4:2
Why couldn't we have read that last week? Unfortunately, my memory is short. Had I been reminded of my duty to be gentle, to be kind, to bear with my family in love last week, it probably would not have stuck. I would have put on my holy face and nodded, "Ah yes. Such truths." However this week after experiencing it all (and failing miserably to live up to the standard), the message hit the target.

I don't feel condemned, but I do feel convicted.

A little patience and gentleness goes a long way doesn't it? And if it's true that what comes around goes around, I am going to try to dish it out liberally.


Martha said...

You are so right about patience wearing thin once school starts. It is so hard to get everyone on their schedules. We had 2 open houses last week, one in a torrential flood! I need to remind myself of the patience aspect especially with 2 teens!

morninglight mama said...

Such a worthy thing to be reminded about... my patience has been VERY thin lately, as well, due to the craziness of back-to-school, injured hubby, and the regular mayhem that our lives seem to involve. :) Aren't we always trying to do better??

Corinne said...

Ah, so comforting to know someone else has the same struggles. I had a similar experience, although mine lasted most of last week. Working 50+ hours, plus all the back-to-school events, plus bible study starting up on top of it all wore me a bit thin! It is convicting to look back on a week like that and see, in retrospect, the times I could have been gentler. Thanks for sharing your heart here. Our BSF starts tonight -- I'm assuming maybe yours does too. If so, have a great evening.

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

What a great verse. Like you, I wouldn't have remembered it. I think that's why often the Lord brings verses like that to our attention after we're in need of them.

Karla said...

Jennifer, I had a week like that before school started...and I had to travel to DC for work the same week. Yikes!

I have learned in that situation to let the kids suffer the consequences of their actions...and do it calmly. Something like "Gee, I hope we're not late for the soccer game. You know how much your coach hates it when players show up late. Hopefully he'll still let you play....that sure might be a big problem for you." (sad face). Then take your time and make sure that you show up a few minutes late. Coach might or might not care, but your kids get to learn that their actions have consequences and they are old enough to be responsible for some things.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

That word "completely" is the sticker, isn't it? I'm okay at being "sometimes" humble and gentle, or "kind of" humble and gentle...but "completely"? That's a tough one!

Conviction is good, though -- it means you're sensitive to the Spirit's input, and gives you a place to start from. I speak from experience...conviction and I are old friends. :)

foodieplus4 said...

Our crazy week is over! Thank the Lord His mercies are new every morning (and week). Hope Terry has stopped scratching.