Thursday, September 03, 2009

The First Day of School

Amanda went to sleep as a child and woke up as a middle-schooler. I suppose it's been happening all summer, but BAM, it hit me when she left for school yesterday. She didn't even change schools, since here 5 & 6 are at the Intermediate school, but there's still a big difference. I remember seeing the 6th graders last year thinking, "They're grown up!"

She had a wonderful day, especially after she found out that her best friend would have lunch with her (they had feared that they would not). Not only was her best friend in there, but most of the old crowd from last year as well will be able to share lunch.

She loves her teacher. "My teacher is awesome," were the exact words out of her mouth. "And my cluster teacher, too. She sings -- just randomly starts singing."

The mom in me (who if you will remember is never allowed to sing or dance), stuck up for myself. "I sing too!"

"No Mom, you aren't allowed to sing."

"Are they young like me?" I ask (and bless her heart she does NOT get the twinge of sarcasm).

"No, a little older. But not as old as my teachers last year," (empty-nesters).

"Now take a picture of the back!" he directed

An hour later, Kyle left -- not for the first day of school, but his first day of school. He's been so excited. When he was telling his sister about his day, he said something like, "I was almost smiling so hard my face would explode." Yeah, I don't know what that means either, but it's good, right?

Goofing off (he told me to take his picture)

Waiting. . . .

The same bus driver that Amanda had for 4 years and who saw Kyle grow up.
"C'mon in Kyle!" he invited (although he hasn't seen Kyle in over a year!).

Sitting in the driveway listening for the bus (reading The Guernsey Literary and 3P Society --
check out the bookclub at 5 Minutes for Books)

He's coming!

My new tradition was a hit. Amanda spirited her book away to her room, and when I put her to bed last night, she said, "I finished that book. It was really good." When Kyle opened his he said, "Oh good, now I have my own book, and I don't have to hide the library one under the covers."

Yesterday, I did indulge in my own first-day-of-school tradition (read the hilarious take that Amanda wrote about it last year). But today my plan is to finish listening to a Playaway audiobook that needs to be returned to the library --yesterday, but there are no renewals -- while I do some heavy-duty cleaning and organizing (maybe I could just hide it under my covers).


morninglight mama said...

Such cute pics, and I do believe I have that very same outdoor 'side table,' as well. :)

Happy 'new year!'

Martha said...

We don't have many traditions but we do the picture taking thing! We do it at the front door and by the stairs so we can see how they have grown through the years. I was laughing at the "take a picture of my back" picture. My boys always do a backside looking through their legs shot. Don't ask me, I try not to understand boys.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh, I enjoyed reading all about the first day! I'm glad Kyle's face didn't actually explode, and that Amanda loves her teachers. And that they loved their books. Sounds like a success all around!! Great pics, too. Thanks for sharing them!

Carrie said...

=D How very fun! I'm so glad Amanda gets lunch with her best friends. I think *I* would be awfully lonely if I discovered that everything was new. Old things make new things comfortable and familiar.

And a teacher who randomly sings? That's gotta be a kick!