Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Really Great Mother-Daughter Day

Even though I poke fun at her expense, and frequently mention the dark side of living with a tween (hormones! mood fluctuations! grouchiness!), in reality I do love getting to know the little woman she's becoming.

Last weekend, we went into New York City, and had a GREAT day. I knew I was enjoying every little thing, but at the end, I asked her to rate the day on a scale of 1 - 10, and she gave it a 9.5.

Our first stop was Dylan's Candy Bar. The place is bright, cheery, and stocked with any type of sugary treat you can imagine.

Then we went to lunch at Serendipity 3 right around the corner. Terry and I had tried to go for dessert one time, and they weren't even adding names to the list. Amanda and I got there by noon to put our name on the list, and by the time we got back from Dylan's 15 minutes later, our table was ready.

This was a magical sort of place. I felt a little like the wrong-sized Alice in Wonderland. There were big menus, small cafe tables, and intriguing stuff all around the place.

Our lunch was just okay. She ordered black bean soup and was going to share my chicken pot pie. The pot pie was a little thyme-y for my tastes, but some of the other menu items looked better. I would definitely go again. But the reason people go there is for dessert, and we indulged in what the waiter said was the most popular: Forbidden Broadway Sundae. It was dark chocolate cake (chocolate cake that actually tasted as good as it looks), with ice cream and delicious hot fudge. Amanda was entranced by the hot fudge dripping down the sides.

FYI, I saw a lot of the frozen hot chocolate, for which they are really famous, being picked up half-drunk by the busboys (the frozen hot chocolate was half drunk, not the busboys), so I was glad that we skipped that in favor for the more-expensive sundae.

Then we made our way to Broadway to see Burn the Floor. We got tickets so that I could do a review/giveaway at 5 Minutes for Mom (if you will be in NYC before November 22, click over and try to win a pair, or tell your friends!). We loved this show, and while there's no way I was turning down free Broadway tickets, I wasn't sure how much we'd enjoy it. Even if you don't plan to enter to win, you should go read my review, and you can see a picture of Amanda getting an autograph at the stage door after the show from Pasha.

Then, to cap it all off, there was some sort of street vendor fair in Times Square, which I've never seen (in Times Square). Amanda loves that sort of thing, so we strolled a bit, and then drove home.

Have I said it before? I love New York.


Lisa Olsen said...

Sounds like a wonderfully fun day of bonding and adventure!

Do it often! Time flies so fast. My daughter is off living in another time zone now as a freshman in college.

But I look forward to many such mother/daughter times together in her new city.

Check out the Mother/Daughter Retreat at Pilgrim Pines Conference Center in New Hampshire on November 20-22!!

Martha said...

What a great day! Another reason I am jealous of where you live! I just saw Serendipity on a repeat Oprah on Friday and put it on my list for next time I'm up there. I think I'd skip lunch and just have dessert! What a great trip for right before school starts.

morninglight mama said...

What a wonderful time for the two of you-- and man, I am BEYOND jealous to see that dessert. Holy crow. I would have loved to have been at the table with you two for that! :)

Lori W. said...

I'm so glad you and Amanda had a really great day.

Dylan's Candy Bar?! How did we miss that?!! Perry would have loved that shop... oh wait, I would have loved that shop! Oh well, there's always next time!


Suko said...

It looks like you had a full and wonderful day with your tweenager. I grew up in NY, and went to Serendipity many years ago! I haven't heard of Dylan's Candy Bar but will "check it out" the next time we're in the city. Thanks for a fun post!

Andrea said...

Dylan's and Serendipity III...our two favorite places in NYC! Elizabeth (9) and I have done a lot of bonding there. Glad you loved it also!

Sarah said...

You are such a fun mom!!!

Jen Rouse said...

Gosh, I wish I lived near enough to take my daughters to NYC for the day! Portland is "the big city" for us. It does have a lot of lovely spots though, too. Someday, I will visit the East Coast.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Well it looks like that sundae alone would make a trip to NY worth it! :)

So glad the two of you had such a nice time together!