Monday, October 26, 2009

Catching Up

I thought I'd take a break out of my busy schedule You can safely read a little sarcasm into that statement) to tell you what we've been up to, and to post some links -- specifically to some contests or other posts of interest.

Are you curious about Where the Wild Things Are movie? Click over to read Bookie Woogie's very fun guest review. What a fun family!

There's a great guest post On Reading at 5 Minutes for Books where Ann Wright Rossouw shares her experience with her Bedtime Stories ritual. Oh yeah -- her kids are now 12 and 14, by the way. It's inspiring, and she gives some great suggestions of books for all ages.

Speaking of Reading Together, Amanda and I have started to read the Mysterious Benedict Society -- finally! She's been suggesting it, but at 512 pages, I just didn't think I could do it. It was Carrie's enthusiasm that finally did me in -- specifically her review of the brand-new third book in the series. We started Friday, and are only 60 pages in, but we'll just keep at it. I'm loving it, as she knew I would (and as I knew I would -- but it's just so long to tackle as a read-aloud). It's been a while since she read it, so she doesn't remember the details and it keeps her begging for "Just a few more pages".

My birth-week celebrations continue, but Amanda did make a cake. She told me that if I posted a picture on my blog, I was to tell everyone that she wanted to "do more," but I wouldn't let her. I did buy her some decorating frosting, and I even let her add pudding and chocolate chips to the mix, and it tasted quite good. Her definition of "do more" would have probably required other things on the cake.

In addition to baking the cake, she used her oil pastel crayons to make a portrait of me, along with one of her now-trademarked cards. The message inside was sweet. It said something along the lines of "Thanks for all the nice things you've done for me so far." I guess she expects them to continue, and I guess that's a good thing for a mom to hear, right? I don't know how good the likeness is, but I think she's fairly talented with drawing!

This weekend, we carved pumpkins. Amanda didn't mind de-gutting them at all, but Kyle wouldn't stick his hand in. He helped a bit, and did help me design this pumpkin. He specifically wanted it to have "scary teeth on the sides." Just so you know, this pumpkin is "So scary that all the birds will be scared."

Amanda designed her own pumpkin (and signed the back). It's a good thing that it's not so threatening, because it wouldn't be able to smell a predator.

A few more posts I'd like to point out, so that you can enter:

  • We are giving away a whole series of delightful picture books. Read the review and enter, and then click through to the other 2 listed on the Cods of Cape Cod review.
  • Dawn has a great giveaway review up for Day is Done book and CD, which sounds delightful.
  • We always have at least 2 giveaways posted at 5 Minutes for Books. All you have to do is check out the giveaway tab. If you click through there, you'll find two non-fiction picture book reviews/giveaways.


Lee @ foodieplus4 said...

We bought the third one in the Benedict series if you want to borrow it. I haven't read them, but the girls devoured these books.

Dad said...

You look much more mature without glasses. I didn't know that you had so much artistic skill (very good picture)! Love the pumpkins.
LOVE to all,

Carrie said...

=D I love it! I love all of it!

#1 - YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JENNIFER IS READING MBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2 - I have been waiting and waiting to see a picture of Amanda's cake! (It looks delicious even if it doesn't have "more" on it.)

#3 - She's an amazing artist.

#4 - I love pumpkin carving but I can't convince anyone in the family to do it so oh well.

Here's to doing more nice things as moms! ;)

Jen Rouse said...

Benedict Society is the best! I had heard that it was good, picked up a copy at a garage sale for 25 cents this summer, finally got around to reading it last week. I had to stay up late to finish it, I was so intrigued! Really good book. ( has an interview with the author, Trenton Lee Stewart, up right now).

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I had to do the pumpkin guttng here. C. was assigned the task of helping pick out the seeds so we could roast them, and the sounds of misery coming from him were excessive...

We read the first Benedict Society book aloud and loved it. C. read part of the second, but abandoned it for something else, though he assures me he wants to get back to it... I say he has to finish that before he can get the third one.