Friday, October 09, 2009

I Feel a Binge Coming On

No, I'm not going to buy out the shoe store or anything. In spite of the topic of my earlier post, I do not struggle with a shoe addiction problem.

There are no brownies in the house, so I think I'm protected from that particular vice as well.

Chips and dip? Nope, we're in the clear there as well.

The particular vice to which I'm referring (or confessing? or seeking permission in advance?) is TV. TV on DVD to be specific.

When I was in college, I loved thirtysomething. Hope, Michael, Elliot and Nancy -- they were on my mind and in my heart. I was so entrenched in the show that the actors became those who I will watch on something else -- because they are those beloved characters in my mind, and I have to follow them. Terry and I have been watching the West Wing all the way through (we are almost finished with Season 5), and in spite of the fact that I probably know Timothy Busfield better as Danny Concannon than his thirtysomething character, he will always be Elliot to me.

Now the question of WHY my not-even-twentysomething self got lost in this show is not one that I'm going to dwell on. I think that I revisited the whole crew at some point when the shows were rebroadcast on a cable network, but -- finally finally -- thirtysomething is out on DVD. It actually released in August, but I missed it.

So the now barely-thirtysomething me will once again get caught up in the disfunction of someone else's life. It's better than dwelling on my own, right?

Whether I binge in 4 hour chunks when the mailman brings me that red Netflix envelope of the current show that I am watching, or I have the whole season at my fingertips, it's a guilty pleasure that I love. I have no Tivo, I don't keep up with many new series in real-time, but I love my TV on DVD.

I'm not sure how this particular show will turn out for me. Will I love it more because I can relate? Will I find them to be "whiny," which is the criticism that those who are in the "hate it" camp always gave? Only time will tell.


planetnomad said...

I used to LOVE that show! I'm curious to know how it's worn...don't forget to do an update after you watch it. I like getting TV shows on DVD because sometimes we want to watch something in the eves but don't want to commit to a movie. We need to buy more. Esp since overseas we don't have netflix or hulu.

Rachel Langston said...

I fell in love with thirtysomething when I was in college too! I have the new DVD on my christmas list and can't wait to have it forever.

If you haven't watched it yet, Brothers & Sisters is Ken Olin's new show. The situations are different but it has the same feel as thirtysomething. It's worth watching.

Enjoy your TV binge!

morninglight mama said...

You know, I never watched thirtysomething when it was on, because I was a youngersomething, but I bet I could absolutely relate now!! Perhaps the library will carry these... hmmmmm, something to check out!

Lisa writes... said...

I loved thirtsomething when I was in college too (is Dawn calling us old?). Didn't know it was out on DVD!!!! Now I am dying to see it! One more thing to add to the wishlist...