Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Nightstand -- October

I thought that this month I would focus on just a few books that I am hoping to finish. I've been a bit of a restless reader lately, and have been using many of my reading hours to watch some TV shows on DVD, which is okay, but I would like to get back in the pages more consistently.

I'm reading Safely Home, which my friend lent to me when I told her that I was working with our church group with some international university students -- mostly from China. I'll see her Thanksgiving, and I need to be able to give it back to her.

Depending on how the next few chapters go, I may or may not finish Children of Dust: a Memoir of Pakistan. It has potential, but if it doesn't get better, I'll probably put it aside. I've gotten quite good at doing that -- using my reading time to read only books that really interest me.

I'm also currently reading a YA novel: The Other Side of Blue

In addition to finishing those, I hope to make consistent progress on reading The Mysterious Benedict Society with Amanda, but with over 400 pages to go, I don't anticipate finishing.

And now, although I said I really want to focus, I've realized that the act of putting this post together each month, gets me excited about the books on my shelf, which is a great revelation!

The other books I might read this month are:

A memoir: The Motion of the Ocean: 1 Small Boat, 2 Average Lovers, and a Woman's Search for the Meaning of Wife

A nonfiction book: Toxic Friends: The Antidote for Women Stuck in Complicated Friendships

Another memoir: Lit

A novel: The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble, which I really want to read, but because it doesn't release until the end of December, I might hold off until I get through these others.

What about you? What are you reading? Let me know, or let the whole book-loving community over at 5 Minutes for Books know.


Carrie said...

Toxic Friends sounds REALLY intriguing! I will very much be curious for your thoughts on that one!

I hope you are enjoying Safely Home. I just love that book...

Janet said...

I agree with Carrie about Toxic Friends. The Motion of the Ocean sounds really interesting, too.

I love 'Benedict.' Can't wait till my kids are a tad older so we can read it together.

Hopewell said...

I think I could have written "Toxic Friends" over the years! lol... My daughter devoured the Benedict Society last Spring and read lots of great parts to me! I'll look for "Safely Home"...

planetnomad said...

Curious as to what you think of Safely Home. I LOVED parts of that book, and found other parts awfully sentimental...I doubt Jesus will hug us when we get to heaven--I think our focus will be going the other way. Anyway. I have strong opinions ;)

Me? I'm reading The Help for bookgroup (they provide the books for you; pretty cool) and Dreams of Trespass, which I'm REALLY enjoying, and Twilight, for my daughter's sake, which I am HATING. It's really drippy and melodramatic and, um, stupid. Overwrought and heaving and no plot. (But hey, what do you really think?)

Lindsay said...

Sounds like your doing the same thing as me. This fall I have set aside some books I have been either reading for a while or they have been sitting on my shelves for a while!

morninglight mama said...

Okay, The Motion of the Ocean?? What a hysterical title-- I look forward to reading your thoughts on that one!

And, man oh man, do JAM and I ever have to pick up the Benedict books... we may possibly be the last people to do so!!

Lauren said...

I almost bought Mysterious Benedict Society at B&N yesterday because they had autographed copies. Maybe I'll get one and save it for Andrew to read!

Nise' said...

I needed Toxic Friends years ago! Interested in Lit.

Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

Wow, this is a great list. I need to pick up a couple of these books.

Also, I responded to you regarding Redeeming Love. People don't often see the response so I thought I'd come here again and say hi too! :)