Friday, October 23, 2009

What're You Watchin'? And How Do You Watch It?

So yes I have been watching thirtysomething, but I haven't really binged on it, as I predicted. I've watched about 7 episodes in two weeks, which took less than five hours. And as promised, I have a post in the work about my thoughts on the show.

But I have been binging.

In that post, someone mentioned Brothers & Sisters as Ken Olin's new show, and she said that it was similar to thirtysomething. I had already started watching Brothers & Sisters -- but because of Rob Lowe, not Ken Olin (when he left the West Wing cast in our re-watch of the whole series, I had to find him somewhere!).

I love this show. I know that some of you might not like it, because it pushes the envelope a bit -- most specifically in featuring a same-sex couple as main characters (who I have to say has the strongest and healthiest relationship on the show). I like it because it's clever, and emotional, and real. It's not really sensational as some other soap-operatic type dramas can get, yet issues are brought up that allow us to experience them through our own lens -- learning and growing along with the characters, whether we agree with their choices or not. And did I mention it's clever? I just love that mix of drama and comedy.

So, I've binged -- finishing up season 3 on DVD -- 2 discs and 8 shows in the last week (Terry was out of town for two nights, which aided the binge).

And now I'm going to turn to the ABC Brothers & Sisters webpage to catch up on season 4 (and to be honest, I think that I'm going to order Season 1 so that I can revisit it).

In addition to lots of reading and watching TV on the computer and online, the one show that I catch live each week is Top Chef: Las Vegas.

So -- what are you watching? And how do you watch it?

I love TV on DVD, either buying the sets (as I have with the West Wing and How I Met Your Mother -- each linked to my posts on those shows), or using Netflix, or watching online.

I just discovered that seasons 1 and 2 of Lost are on Netflix instant access online, so I'm thinking that I might dive in. Should I?

I have also added TNT's Raising the Bar season 1 to my queue, because after TNT sent me an episode to preview and blog about, I got hooked and also caught up to those shows online (and watched live when I could, but 10pm is too late for me to focus on TV).

So that's enough about my TV habits, but I really am curious about what you watch and how you watch it. I'm sure that most of you are going to say that you record it on your DVR, and I have to admit that I don't even have one, but Netflix or watching on the network's site online have worked for me.


Carrie said...

I am in a movie watching/tv watching mood these days. However, I cannot think of ANYthing to watch! It's frusterated. I've even browsed Hollywood and BLockbuster videos, roaming their "television" aisles and am coming up blank. Suddenly I want to lose myself in something and I can't find anything to lose myself in. It's annoying, I tell you! ;D

(Right now though we ARE watching the last season of the Cosby Show, having worked our way through the show over the past few years. And the third season of Monk arrived on our doorstep last week - yay!)

Carrie said...

P.S. Can you tell how behind the times we are? THE COSBY SHOW!

Trish said...

I enjoyed thirtysomething when it was on, so I might like Brothers & Sisters. Although I keep forgetting to watch it, I liked the episode I saw of The Good Wife.

Our family favorite is The Amazing Race!

Cassandra said...

I watch tv on We just finished watching the first season of Kings. I wish they wouldn't have canceled that show! I also watch (every week) The Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. Hubby and I watch a couple of anime shows, two about baseball and one about classical music but those are only 20 minutes each.

I have to limit my tv watching because otherwise I get caught up in shows that are available online. When that happens, my housework slides and then I feel really guilty for spending 10 times more time watching television than reading the Bible. :(

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I almost never watch TV when the programs I watch are actually on. It's either the DVR, or Netflix, or watching online. Right now, I'm watching Fringe, Next Iron Chef, Criminal Minds, Law & Order. Waiting for the next season of Lost to start in January...

Martha said...

We are TV types. We buy videoes and never watch them. We would have to say we are huge reality tv people, Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor. Steve and I love Castle, good murder mystery stories, great cast and Hannah and I are bonding over Glee, fun high school angst show. The boys are just getting into Phineas and Ferb (we are late) and love Total Drama Action which is totally making fun of Survivor in cartoon form. Thanks for sharing all you are watching too!

Lori W. said...

Jennifer - now you need to buy the first two seasons of The Big Bang Theory... it is SO funny! I too love Brothers & Sisters and Top Chef Las Vegas. Also getting into The Biggest Loser this season and had never watched any other seasons before. If only it would get me motivated like they are!

I too also DVR everything. I like to watch my shows either later at night, or on my days off. DVR marathon days are the best!