Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Where are your shoes?

On your feet? Off of them? Do you duff around in slippers when you're at home? Or parade around barefooted or in socks?

Right now I'm wearing my fun sporty pinkish peachy canvas sneakers. They are comfortable, and with the cooler temperatures, my toes get chilly if I don't have shoes on, or at least socks and my warm slippers.

In the summer, I generally wear flip-flops, even around the house. This may be TMI, but my floors are not clean enough to walk around barefoot. There's always a little grit there, and shoes or socks keeps me joyously oblivious.

However, the problem with flip flops, is that each time I sit down, I slip them off. So I often go through several pairs of sandals a day when I realize I've left a pair under my computer desk, under the table, and beside the chair.

My kids remove their shoes upon entering the house. Not in a "Take off your shoes to keep the house clean, and put them in a nice row by the front door" sort of way, but in a "My toes need some air!" kind of way. They also end up going through several pairs of shoes a day, when the ones that they removed are in the basement, but they are in the bedroom trying to find shoes.

So, what about you? What are your shoe issues?


morninglight mama said...

Three words for ya- I HATE SHOES. We all take our shoes off when we come in the house, just because we had babies/toddlers for the past gazillion years, and they eat too many things off the floor. :)

anner1010 said...

I think someone should invent a would work like a Roomba, only it would pick up all of the shoes around the house. I would be happy to test the prototype.

Nancy said...

My entire family sheds their shoes as soon as they walk in the door. I am barefoot in the house during the summer, usually in socks or slippers during the winter. We have shoe cubbies in the closet near the door we use to enter the house and most of the time the shoes at least make it in the closet, if not the cubbies, but lately my kids have been lazy about it. Time to crack that whip!

Fonda said...

Since I am in Texas, there will be no chilly toes around here for a long time. I too have become a huge fan of flip flops and you can find them all over my house. (beside the couch where I was watching television, beside my bed where I went to read, underneath the dining room table as I ate.) Let me know if you find a way to keep them all together in one place!

Lisa writes... said...

I don't like shoes much either and will go barefoot despite the grimy nature of my floors. We none of us are anal about where we deposit our shoes; invariably someone "loses" theirs! Once I offered a dollar to anyone to who could the rogue pair!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Due to yucky chronic plantar fasciitis, I have to wear shoes (with special arch supports) pretty much at all times, or else I'm not able to walk the next day.

I often tell guests they are welcome to leave their shoes on in our house, since I cannot be held liable for crumbs, spills, or small toys that may be scattered across our floors at any given time. :)

As for the rest of my family -- it varies. Hubby likes his slippers, younger alternates between "shoes on!" and going barefoot, and I've trained my tween to take his shoes off at the door, to prevent too much spread of dirt.

planetnomad said...

I am always barefoot inside the house...or socks or slippers if it's cold.
I used to credit this to my Canadian childhood, where one always removes outer shoewear, mostly snowy boots, and wears slippers. That may be it, or it may just be my inner free spirit/hippie coming out to play.

grace said...

Our shoes are always left by the door.We are a slipper wearing family who have abandoned our free spirit heritage in order to keep our carpets(white) clean and our feet warm.