Friday, November 06, 2009

What I'm Watching Now

I've decided that on Fridays I'll be writing about TV, either what I'm watching or to begin a dialogue about something you're watching. You can click the TV and Movies label to read my past posts if you are so inclined.

Since the first two seasons of Lost are on Netflix instant access, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I was reluctant, because I've heard talk over the years about die-hard fans getting frustrated -- at the plot or the cliffhanger breaks, but I figured that I can watch on DVD all the way through to the end and avoid those pitfalls.

Honestly, after the first two episodes (the two-part Pilot episode) I was still undecided, but by the fourth show, I was pretty invested. I'm not buzzing through them, but I am definitely curious and interested.

Earlier this week I was at a blogger event in New York, and my blogger friend Kimberly from Mom in the City was talking TV with the person on the other side of her. They were talking about a show that they just loved, so I had to know what it was. She answered, eager to bring me in on the conversation: "The Good Wife -- do you you watch it?"

Actually I have started watching that show. Terry and I were in New York City before the fall season started and were bombarded with the serene picture of The Good Wife on buses and bus stop kiosks on every corner. I wasn't exactly sure what it was about, but I didn't think that I was interested in watching a patethic woman standing by her man who was walking all over her.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone, and she mentioned that it was one of the new shows that she was watching. Terry was out of town that night, and it happened to be on, so I tuned in and enjoyed it. The cast interested me: Josh Charles, who I have liked ever since I watched him in Sportsnight, along with Rory's boyfriend Logan (Matt Czuchry). It stars Julianna Margulies who looks beautiful and does a great job, but since I was never an ER fan she wasn't one of the actors who drew me in. Christine Baranski is also a part of the ensemble cast, and she's always amusing to watch.

It's actually a legal drama. Yes, the main character is "standing by her man" (or not, actually) -- a political official who was recently taken down in a public scandal involving extra-marital women and also illegal actions that have landed him in jail. So, she has to start again -- leaving the tony life of a Highland Park housewife to return to practicing law.

Since I liked it, I caught up by watching the episodes online (all of them except the pilot were still posted at that time).

The show is on at 10pm Eastern, and honestly that's just too late for me. I usually turn out the light around 10:45 or so, but if I'm watching TV, I inevitably fall asleep. So apparently the way that I'm going to watch TV is online, because as I've mentioned, I do not have a DVR and I don't like the idea of paying $6 a month (or whatever it is) for the rest of my life on top of my high DirectTV bill.

But The Good Wife is one that I will keep watching, as well as taking in episodes of Lost when I can squeeze them in.

What about you: What are you watching now??


Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

It was good to see you earlier this week (as always).

That's so funny...I had the same initial reaction to the show as you did. I definitely wasn't interested in the typical "stand by your (cheating!) man" drama. The Good Wife is such a smart show husband even watches it with me (that's saying a lot!).

Martha said...

Did you read the book? It was actually pretty good. You should check it out and then write about it. :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Glad you're interested in Lost. I'm trying out FlashForward this fall, but am not sure how I feel about it yet... The Good Wife doesn't really call out to me, even though I usually enjoy legal dramas, so I'll keep it in mind...

Lisa writes... said...

Can't wait for LOST to come back to us this winter!!!!!