Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Want to be Wooed

Yesterday I joined in the after-Christmas shopping trip to New York City that several friends have been making for the last few years. This is the first year that I was available and/or willing to go.

I'm not a big shopper (by any stretch of the definition), but after today I can say for sure that I've been missing out.

Marni and I met at Lee's house at 7:30 a.m. and the three of us continued to Nicole's house, picked her up, and then barely missed the 8:49 a.m. train. Because one of our mottos for the day was "No whining," we waited a few minutes for the next one to come along patiently with no worries.

We exited Grand Central Station upon arrival and immediately stepped into the Banana Republic on 42nd street. We started the day off with the bang, with all four of us making purchases. I bought two pairs of jeans (I discovered that the Urban fit was my style) and a soft-blue turtleneck sweater -- all for $60. Yes, $60 in total.

The last-minute stop at Laila Rowe also turned out to be successful. My travel cosmetic bag is ineffective and broken. It's fairly roomy but everything just goes together in a jumble, and the zipper has been broken for a long while now. When I came across this very cute waxed canvas bag for $13 (marked 75% off of $50, which I couldn't imagine paying), I had to buy it. This picture is deceptive. The kit is about 8 x 6 inches, and about 4 inches deep. The two smaller bags fit snugly inside. I'm so very pleased with this purchase.

One small regret was that I didn't indulge in the Felted Soap at Anthropologie. I absolutely adore the Verbena scent, and I think that this is something I would enjoy. But perhaps if I had really spent $14 on it, I would still feel regret.

My friend Marni bought a sweater that was a little higher than she would normally have spent, but when she found it, it reminded her of a sweater that she didn't buy last year. Knowing that she had lived with regret over the purchase for the last year, we all encouraged her to buy the one this year, and it was the purchase that pleased her the most.

A motto that emerged as we found the after-Christmas markdowns to be less than stellar was "I want to be wooed!" Although Lord and Taylor, Anthropologie, and J. Crew failed at wooing us with discounts, Banana Republic definitely stepped up. After checking the prices online, I verified that we each got deals that were not to be found anywhere else. What a great way to end a trip that was not only packed with good times with girlfriends, but good deals as well.

The one that got away was a pair of tall brown boots. Both my brown boots and my black boots have had it. I found a great deal on some black ones at TJ Maxx last month, but I still wanted to replace my brown ones. Bandolino wooed us with great prices, and two friends bought boots, but the ones I really liked just didn't like me. We weren't a good match.

I will repeat after this wordy post about shopping that I am not a shopper. Really I'm not. That's one reason that I didn't really feel like I had missed out on the previous few trips. But I have always known that I shop better in the company of friends. Sometimes I need encouragement to pull the trigger on a purchase that I'm wavering on. Sometimes I need help in scoping out the good deals, but mostly shopping with friends gives me the patience to try things on, or dig a little deeper for the right size.

Do you still have a regretful memory of something you didn't buy? What was your best deal ever?


Carrie said...

Sounds like you had a great time shopping.

I HATE shopping for clothes. Absolutely hate it.

However, I can spend hours and hours and hours in a bookstore or a home decor type store.

When I DO go clothes shopping, I prefer (very much) to go alone and spend as much or as little time as I want trying on clothes and hemming and hawing without anyone around to pressure me.

Owlhaven said...

Sounds like great fun, Jennifer! I forgot you were close to NYC....
Mary, who's hoping to be there again one of these days...

morninglight mama said...

Holy cow with the $60 purchases!! Sounds like a blast. :)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I now know that we have two things in common--books and shopping! I am not a shopper! I do think I could enjoy it if it was in NYC though. Sounds like so much fun!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I don't like shopping, either -- especially for clothes (or for pretty much anything I can get online for less hassle). I know that this keeps me from finding and scoring great deals, but I think that if I were out there shopping more, I'd end up spending more money overall (buying more stuff), so I think/hope I come out ahead in the end.

That said, your trip sounds like lots of fun and the Banana Republic deal was fantastic!

Lisa writes... said...

I don't like to shop either but the funny thing about me is every six months or so I forget and I'll get all excited about a shopping trip to the big city (not the Big City like you girls did). I end up coming home tired and depressed.

But a deal like that at Banana Republic? Will you shop for me next time?