Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Sneak Peek of our Night at the Museum

The kids and I had an absolutely fabulous night at the first-ever sleepover in Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum in Times Square. We were fortunate enough to be invited to this fun event that was held to kick off the DVD release of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

One of the things that we did was watch the movie. We had seen it in the theater, but I forgot how very funny it was. Even though we could watch the movie anytime on our own, that was one of the kids' favorite parts of the evening.

This morning we were able to browse the museum at our leisure with no else there, which was probably my favorite part. Although, I do have to say that when you are standing in a room with a bunch of wax statues, you always feel like someone's watching you.

I did find a couple whom I didn't mind feeling their gaze upon me:

Oh, George

Oh, Hugh

I will post more about the event and the museum (about which I am surprised to be so impressed by, to be honest) on 5 Minutes for Mom soon.

Did you know that Dr. MLK, Jr. is a little junior-sized?

This one's for Uncle Kevin


Martha said...

We went to our first wax museum this summer in San Antonio (the one across from the Alamo!). It was really kind of fun. The big kids even got to make wax hands there. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Carrie said...

How tremendously cool is THAT?!

WOW! I'm green with envy!!

Dad said...

OK - I'm impressed again and Susan will be jealous.

morninglight mama said...

DUDE!! This is amazingly cool. What a great hook-up you got there! I've never been to a wax museum, but I imagine it must be so surreal. I assume there was a Brad Pitt, right? That's where I would have been hanging out... :)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Brad Pitt was taken by Angelina. . . .The other two were solo, so I swooped in on them.

Lisa writes... said...

What fun! Chuckled at feeling like "somebody's always watching you" :)

Lee @ foodieplus4 said...

Glad you all had fun! My favorite is Bono. He looks cool even in wax.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh, what fun!! Looks like a blast!

tomas said...

ditto Lee! Bono is very cool, even in wax...but I ask you, was Pierce in the house?!!? This is Nic emailing from Tom's account.