Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Interviewed Matthew Goode

Last month I was invited to a screening of Leap Year, the movie starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, and then a "date night with Matthew Goode," where we'd go to an Irish pub (in honor of the movie's Irish setting) and have some one-on-one interview time with the star of the movie.

Unfortunately, he was detained in the UK, and the "date night" was rescheduled to a "phone date" later in the week.

I hadn't been on a date with someone other than my husband in almost 20 years (!!), so I was actually okay with that development.

I took a friend to see the movie with me, and we had a girls' night out, which I prefer to awkward first dates. Read my review of the movie and part of my interview, along with getting a chance to win a fun movie prize pack at 5 Minutes for Mom.

So, my phone date started out with me trying to find common ground, which is key in successful small talk, right? Terry and I are a bit obsessed with our renewed love of The West Wing these days, and I saw an interview online that mentioned that Matthew Goode is also happy to watch episodes of the show on DVD back to back, so I asked him about it.

"I usually say please discount what you read at all costs, but in this case, it's true," he answered in his British accent.

I followed up with some information I had learned while watching the commentary on one of the episodes (as I said, obsessed) that the actor Richard Schiff loved working with food. I mentioned this to Matthew, and said that I noticed a lot of food bits in his current movie -- a sandwich and two different apples are used. "Was that intentional on your part?"

"Most was in the script, but we might have put the apple in. It's always good to have a prop, so you don't just stand there looking like a looney."

"What do you admire in an actor?" I asked.

"Sam Rockwell. That can answer your question," he said without much hesitation. "He can do so much -- disappear into the roles, do comedy and drama. I'm not sure I could put myself in that bracket, but it's something to live up to. It's not the easiest job to do: 'This week I'm going to play Lincoln.''"

"What is your idea of a good date night, and has it changed since you've settled down and become a father?"

"It depends. When we're abroad, and we have time, we quite like popping in and having afternoon cheese plates. Does that sound very old-fashioned?"

"No," I said, giggling laughing, "but it does sound quite British. I don't know any Americans who pop in to have a cheese plate."

He continued with the banter, "Yes, we love to take a glass. A good cheese plate, followed by a long meal, and at some point the removal of clothing. That's a pretty good date night."

I'm glad I wasn't sitting across the table from him at this point, because I would have been bright red, I'm sure -- not to mention the fact that when we ended the call, he called me "darling." What would I have done with that little remark had I been sipping a Diet Pepsi in a dark pub with this actor?

Christina, one of the members of his fan site had posted: "Though I’m sure that I will be one of the many women to see Matthew Goode in LEAP YEAR, I’m disappointed that he is falling back into a romantic comedy role. The man is Oscar Worthy. He should not be doing films where his purpose is to make women giggle and swoon."

I have to say that although I haven't seen him in his serious roles (Brideshead Revisited and The Single Man), that he is quite able at making this particular girl giggle and swoon.

My friend Nicole and I enjoyed this movie. If you're looking to get out with girlfriends, or having a date night of your own, go see Leap Year -- opening in theaters January 8.

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Disclosure: Universal studies treated me to a pre-release screening of the movie.


Carrie said...

Blog tours with actors and actresses now?! Woah.

You did stumble upon a pretty cool opportunity though! =D

morninglight mama said...

Wowza! I'm not familiar with his previous work, but I do know that I paused when I first saw the trailer for this flick. He's not too bad on the eyes, and I'm majorly jealous of your "date night." Holy cow, what would that have been like to sit across from him in a pub! You are so big time cool, boss lady!!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I can't wait to see that movie! I LOVE watching movies.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Fun! And I'm impressed with your interviewing skills. Nice work.

An afternoon cheese plate sounds good to me, but the next, yeah, I would have been blushing too.