Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New TV Tradition?

Amanda and I stumbled upon this fun show on Fox -- American Idol. Have you heard of it?

Not only have we heard of it, but Amanda guest judged with Simon when her brother Kyle tried to get on the show:

Okay, it's really from our Night at the Museum

Seriously, I may have seen a total of 3 American Idol episodes over the last eight years, although I'm of course familiar with some of the past stars, because I don't live under a rock. But I think I'm a convert.

I found it entertaining and inspiring. I also felt like a bit of a sucker as I let the editors of the show pull my heartstrings, but that's okay.

Especially with our East coast time zone and the show not even starting until 8:00pm, it wasn't something that I ever considered letting Amanda watch. I'm sure she's been deprived since her friends have probably all been watching since they were in preschool.

But last night we snuggled up in my bedroom with some hot beverages -- Orange Zinger tea for me and hot chocolate for her -- and we watched. I'm not sure I'm going to let her watch it each of the fifteen times it's on each month, but I'm thinking that it might be appointment viewing for us. It will definitely be a fun thing for us to share (although she did get embarrassed by me as I'm sang along and did my own faux auditions during the commerical breaks). Honestly, I think I liked the show more than she did.

It's going to be a rough few months. I'm already attached to some of these young hopefuls, such as the blondie skullcap dude, and the 70's throwback guy with the broken wrist. I'm intrigued by Barbara and Tripp Curtis' daughter Maddie. I also gotta give a shout out to the Nigerian-American kid who sang an old school George Strait song that took me back to the early 80's, although he may have been more familiar with the Jamie Foxx version.

So tell me -- am I the last American Idol virgin? Have some of you been turned off or moved on?


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

We love Idol. I'm not so much for the auditions part as the top 24, though. But I'm with you on the heart strings.

You're in for a treat if you've never watched before. We started 3 seasons ago and promptly got hooked.

planetnomad said...

I'm not only an AI virgin, i've never even been kissed--er, seen the show, that is. ;) I'm sure most of my Moroccan friends are more current on American television than I am. I have watched Star Academy though, which is France's version. Does that count?

Nancy said...

We watched the first few seasons and then stopped, never to return. I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance though.

Lee @ foodieplus4 said...

Maybe I should come over and we could do a song and dance show for Amanda during the commercials?

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I think that the only reason that she barely tolerated it is that there was no one else to witness it. That would definitely throw her over the edge.

Donna said...

We've been with since the beginning. Not sure if that is a good thing. Liked once it hit Hollywood and on but have to say, that was one of the best audition shows yet.

Kimberly said...

I watched Idol for a few seasons (Taylor Hicks, Jordyn Sparks, David Cook-LOVE him!), but haven't watched since. I'm a huge NCIS fan and since I don't allow myself to watch much TV, I've chosen NCIS over Idol (same time slot - at least one of the nights per week that Idol is on!) :)

morninglight mama said...

I've never been a regular viewer, but I've tuned in here and there. I've always been a bit disgusted with the mockery in the auditions phase, though... feeling more than a little bit ashamed for giggling at some things... but once they get going with the people who can actually sing, there's certainly that entertainment value!

Homespun Emily said...

It gets much better after the audition phase. I'm excited to see how Justin Williams (the cute guy who had cancer) does. He dated my sister, and he is VERY talented.