Friday, January 15, 2010

What Can We Do?

Honestly I haven't even clicked on all the news headlines that pop up on yahoo about the Haiti earthquake. I just don't want to know. I know it's awful. I know that life there is already hard for the many people who live so far below what we call the poverty line that they can't even see it. And how are they going to recover from this?

What makes it even more personal to me is that when I went to the Dominican Republic with Compassion International, we were in an area that was very near the Haiti border and populated by many Haitians. My sponsored child Chino lives there.

Even more personal than that? Amanda's best friend's mother is from Haiti. I've sent her an email to let her know that I am thinking of her and praying for those in Haiti. I don't know what kinds of connections she has there, but certainly as she sits in her beautiful home in Connecticut surrounded by her beautiful kids who are getting a great education and just got cell phones for Christmas -- certainly her heart, like mine, is broken for her people.

I asked Amanda if she knew about the earthquake, and if she remembered that her friend's mom was from there. She said that she did, and she thought that our church should do something to raise some money to help them.

"What about you? Why don't you raise some money?" I asked her.

"What could I do?" she asked.

"I don't know. You could have a bakesale, or just try to raise funds yourself, and we could send earthquake relief through Compassion

Where will your money go?

• $35 helps provide a relief pack filled with enough food and water to sustain a family for one week.
• $70 gift helps care for their needs for two weeks.
• $105 helps provide relief packs filled with enough food and water to sustain two families for two weeks.
• $210 gift helps care for two families' needs.
• $525 helps provide relief packs filled with enough food and water to sustain 10 families for two weeks.
• $1,050 gift helps care for 10 families' needs.
• $1,500 helps rebuild a home.
• $2,100 helps supply 20 families with the basics for three weeks.

I trust Compassion. They have financial integrity and have earned top ratings for make a donation ourselves. I'm going to take up a collection in my Sunday School class at church.

And in order to honor my own daughter's desire to help -- to do something --my husband and I are going to match your children's contributions. Why? Because a little bit matters, and kids need to know that they can help.

The fine print: The funds I match must be donated from a child's own money. We will match up to $500. I don't want them to desire to give, and you to match the desire. I believe that $5 from a kid's piggy bank can stretch a lot further in God's economy than the $50 I could donate and not even miss.

You can donate directly to Compassion, and then send me an email telling me how much your your child gave from their own funds, or you can email me at jennifer (DOT) snapshot (AT) yahoo (DOT) com and I can send you my paypal address (it's not that same address), or leave me a comment with your email address, and I'll email you. I will include the paypal donations with my contribution.

Time is of the essence. See what your kids want to do and get back to me on that, but make your donation now.

Maybe unlike me, you don't have a loose personal connection to Haiti. Watch this Compassion video made about the work in Haiti -- before the devastating disaster and you will.


Carrie said...

I TOTALLY agree with you when you say:

"I believe that $5 from a kid's piggy bank can stretch a lot further in God's economy than the $50 I could donate and not even miss."

I love the fact that you and your husband are ministering to the children HERE as well, by example. I know you didn't write this to scrounge up compliments (AT ALL) but I really admire and respect you for this particular decision. It's beautiful to see.

morninglight mama said...

It's been so devastating to hear and see about the aftermath of the earthquake. We've taken advantage of the Red Cross' texting donation option. Your effort here is hugely admirable!!

Katie said...

My two boys, ages 8 and just barely 10 have decided to take $10 from their Birthday money to donate to the kids in Haiti. This money was meant for their Wii fund. I'm so proud of them because I know they've been saving since June towards this.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Thanks Katie!

I'm proud of what my daughter has given up too.

Their $10 will be part of my matching gift.