Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Don't Buy This at Home

Okay--first a confession. Just like all of you, I've made fun of the Snuggie. The commercials are just too stupid for words. The guy playing backgammon looks like a total dork, and I'm embarrassed for him. Anyway, someone contacted me offering me a chance to try out the Nuddle*, the "blanket to the stars." Since I do love a good blankie, I said yes, and now I am a big convert. Armholes, feet pockets or no -- this would be a great blanket any way it was fashioned. You can enter to win one of your own over at 5 Minutes for Books right now.

It got me to thinking of other "As Seen on TV" kind of products.

A winter or two ago, I bought into the claims of the twin draft guard. Please do not buy this. Yes, it may have stopped drafts (which we needed, and still need!), but it doesn't slip on to the door as the commercial shows, thus every time I opened the door, I had to sort of reposition it. Very ineffective. I will say that I am still using and enjoying the "buy now and get free" over the door hooks.

My children are convinced that we should get the Perfect Brownie Pan Set, however making brownies and cutting them with a knife hasn't really been an insurmountable obstacle for me. Plus, they talk about the edge pieces, and I love the middle, so it's really a no-win situation.

So, 'fess up. Have you bought something from TV or an informercial? Did you like it, or was it a bust? I have to admit that the In Styler looks so tempting. . . . And wow -- it's buy one and get one free if I "buy now!" Only $14.99. How can I resist?

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*Disclosure: I was sent a Nuddle for review purposes.


Corinne said...

Hi Jen! I'll confess -- I own the Perfect Brownie pan and love it. I never made brownies much before due to the oven's tendency to overcook the edge pieces, making it difficult to get them out of the pan. The kids bought me the perfect brownie pan for my birthday and we now feast on brownies regularly (maybe that's a bad thing!) -- it really works as easily as the commercial says and is useful for making other bar-type desserts as well.

That being said, I also own the Instyler (and paid way more than 14.99) and don't think it lives up to the hype. I also briefly owned the "shoes under" storage system, which we purchased at the "As Seen on TV" section at Target and returned the same day. Flimsy!!

Don't own a Snuggie though. Can't say I was ever tempted on that one.

Michael said...

It's so funny. My 5 y.o. looks a those commercials to plan his gifts for my husband and me.

He and his dad make brownies together, so he wants to get the brownie pan that you mentioned. There is some wristlet purse thingy that he wants to get me "for my birthday".

Mom2fur said...

I generally wait for them to show up at Target, so I don't have to pay shipping (or use a credit card). A few things have been okay, some have been a total waste of money--like this weird triangular thing on a stick that is supposed to be an easy way to clean windows...NOT. But I would highly recommend the Magic Bullet! Yes, it's pricey at $60, but for me it is worth it. I make breadcrumbs, salad dressing, smoothies and so much more with it. It's worth every penny, IMHO--and it's even better if someone gives it to you as a gift.
Believe it or not, I actually spotted a Ronco Chop-O-Matic in a store recently. Now there's an oldie!
(And sorry, but I think the Snuggie is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. The receptionist at the vet's office says it looks like a broken ankle waiting to happen.)

Jen Rouse said...

I keep seeing that Pedi-Egg or whatever it is...the foot smoother thing. And I have to admit I'm tempted. My heels certainly could be smoother and prettier :)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I used to buy way too much infomercial junk...er, stuff. When we were first married, I remember buying some kind of special "microwave cooking set" that had items for microwaving eggs, bacon, and a variety of foods. Pointless. I've bought goofy exercise gadgets -- the Ab Roller, and some kind of stepper-thing...they found their way to garage sales.

I'm much more skeptical these days, and can't remember the last infomercial item I bought. But I admit, that Nuddle looks tempting.

Sarah said...

I'll admit it: I've bought a hair iron as-seen-on-tv! It works really well, but I look so different with straight hair (and it takes a lot of work) that I rarely use it.

We've also bought the topsy-turvey tomato thingy. It worked pretty well - would probably work better if we had more sun.

Oh! and we got the twin draft guard and it works super for us. You're right, it does slide around some. But it's such a big improvement that we don't mind.

PS that is a great photo of you!