Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enjoying a Snow Day: Thank You Netflix

Yesterday was a snow day. I know that snow talk is passe after all that Pennsylvania and the DC area have endured, in addition to the highly unexpected snows in the Southern states, but we here in Connecticut are still having our regular winter. Nothing dramatic, mind you, but enough for a snow day yesterday (we may have another -- dare I say our last one? on Thursday or Friday).

Thanks to Netflix's Instant Access* Amanda was able to stave off the I'm booooored's for a couple of hours as she checked out a new release. I do love the ability to watch now, and the selection is pretty good (I thought I might try LOST that way, but I can't convince my husband, and I think I want to drag him with me on the ride). The only thing that I don't like is actually watching it on my computer. I know that using web enabled PS3 and XBOX, you can do it, but we don't have those. I did notice that the new line of HD VIZIO TVs come enabled with the web-access, which is cool. We aren't necessarily in the market for a new TV, but it's something to consider, because I would use the Instant Access a lot more if I could watch it full screen on the TV.

But Amanda and Kyle didn't mind laying on the Nuddle and watching together. And no, they aren't eating popcorn at 8:00am in their pajamas. They are eating popcorn at about noon in their pajamas.

Isn't one of the beauties of a snow day lounging around in your pajamas?? I joined in that luxury, reading for a bit in the morning, and writing up some reviews a bit later, still in my pajamas.

It was noon before I knew it, but I got some great work done in the afternoon -- cleaning and purging in Kyle's room mostly.

Today it's back to business as usual, and you?

*No, I wasn't paid or asked or given anything in return to mention this service (not that I'm averse to that -- bring it on Netflix)

**I was again not told or asked to write about this Vizio TV service, but gosh, I'd blog about it every week if I was. . . .

(Disclosure mocking done with tongue firmly in cheek)


morninglight mama said...

We did just recently get a new Vizio TV, but definitely not at that level!! :)

Yay for snow days! Looks like we're going to get a little more tonight and tomorrow- but 2-4 inches sounds like nothing at all after our Snowmageddon experiences. :)

Glad to know you and your kids had a fun day!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Our snow day was gone by 10 AM and we've been enjoying rain since then. I'd rather have the snow. But we've still spent a great amount of time in our pajamas. That's exactly what rainy and snowy days are for!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Fun! We haven't used the Netflix streaming service too much, but you've inspired me to re-visit it.

Also, Netflix and Wii are supposed to start working together this spring, so that should let the rest of us in on the fun. :)

planetnomad said...

I wish that Netflix would let international viewers watch! Also Hulu. So much available on the internet is restricted to those overseas.

Lisa writes... said...

Pajamas at noon? MY kind of day!