Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I Read It!

5 Minutes for Books has moved the I Read It! carnival from a once-quarterly fifth Tuesday to the first Tuesday of the month. It's basically a review round-up of sorts, where bloggers are invited to post reviews (or links back to their reviews from that month) of a book or book that another blogger recommended -- us over at 5 Minutes for Books or elsewhere.

This month, my report is all about Carrie's recommendations (from both Reading to Know and 5 Minutes for Books). One of the reviews that still gets a lot of search engine traffic at 5 Minutes for Books is her look at the Mr. Men and Little Miss books (linked to her review).

Whenever we visit my in-laws, there are always treasures from her own children's growing-up years waiting to be discovered. She'll bring up age-appropriate toys and books from the basement for the kids to enjoy (including such things in the past as the original My Little Pony's from my young sister-in-law and even Weebles!). One of the books that Kyle really enjoyed this Christmas was Mr. Quiet (Mr. Men and Little Miss). In fact, he enjoyed it so much that when Terry and I went away together in January, and I wanted to bring the kids a little something, they both got books, and I browsed the cute little rack of Mr. Men and Little Miss books (at less than $4 each!), and brought him home Mr. Happy (Mr. Men and Little Miss).

I do love these cute little books. There is quite a story packed into the pages that gives a little one (or a big one) a bit to chew on. They make you think about your quirks, falling short of saying one way is good and one is bad, but they do make you appreciate the other side.

For example, Mr. Quiet lives in Loudtown. Everyone is loud (I can also relate to that scenario -- not the quiet, but the loud). Poor Mr. Quiet can't even order his meat at the butcher, because they can't even hear him. So just as he's about to starve to death, he meets Mr. Happy, who takes him to live in Happytown, where he fits in quite happily as the town librarian.

The other recommendation from Carrie that I read this month is Anne of Avonlea (linked to my review). Recommendation is too light a word for the way that Carrie feels about the works of Lucy Maude Montgomery, but I'm glad that I've found her, too.

And though I was familiar with the Mysterious Benedict Society books before Carrie began reviewing them (I'm pretty sure Amanda had read it) it was her continual banging of the drum, "Read it, read it, read it," as well as Amanda's urging for me to read it aloud to her, that we finally did. It took us an embarrassingly long time to get through the 500+ pages, but we finally finished it this month. Read my thoughts on sharing the Mysterious Benedict Society with my daughter right there at that link. I'm happy to report that we are already 90 pages into the second book.

I do hope that you'll join us this month, or in the future, reporting books that another blogger finally makes you report, "I Read It!" on the first Tuesday of each month at 5 Minutes for Books.


Amy said...

Congrats on finishing MBS! I still haven't read the second book, but I WANT to!

morninglight mama said...

Well, you know I'm planning to read MBS soon, too, and it's definitely because of Carrie's enthusiasm!

I don't know anything about the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, but I do use a tote with Little Miss Chatterbox as a diaper bag-- when I saw it in Target, I just cracked up at the picture. Very fitting. :)

Carrie said...

Apparently I need a bigger drum for Dawn & Amy. But at least I know what direction to be making the noise. haha!

Well, I'm honored.

WEEBLES!?!?!?!? OHHHH what I wouldn't GIVE to get my hands on a good set of old fashioned Weebles!? Why didn't my mother TELL me that toys change and I might want to hang on to them!? Nooooo....

Veggiemomof2 said...

I always loved the Mr Men & Little Miss series books. I wish they would've come back in style when my kids were little.

Lauren said...

I haven't read the Mr. Men and Little Miss books either. I also haven't read Anne. I need to get with the program.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Carrie is a great source of book recommendations for me, too! :) Still haven't read any of the Mr. Men books, though... though I think our B&N has a big display of them right now.