Friday, February 19, 2010

I Still Love my Veggies

Last year I attended my very favorite event, the Hidden Valley Ranch Love Your Veggies retreat* -- enthusiasm aided in part to enjoying a few days at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. No, seriously, beyond the lure of the Four Seasons hotel, family nutrition was the focus of the event, and it's a topic that I always love to hear more about.

On March 11, I'll be able to hang out with the Love Your Veggies crew again in New York City's Grand Central Station. I got a fun promotional preview pack introducing Jennie Garth as a new celebrity spokesperson -- from 90210 to 10036.

I love Jennie Garth. I think she's beautiful and in spite of her glamorous Kelly Taylor roots, has always seemed down to earth to me. Her work with Love Your Veggies is in that same vein -- as a health-conscious vegetable lover and mom. You can watch some fun informative videos at the Garden Party on ivillage.

The new Farmhouse dressings are available soon, so be on the lookout on your store shelves. The hickory bacon is absolutely delicious. I used my bottle up quickly. The roasted onion parmesan is good if you don't like a strong ranch flavor.

*Disclosure: They covered my travel and retreat costs on that retreat, and I was sent some promotional bottles of the new dressings to try out. Hidden Valley Ranch did not require me to blog anything. My opinions are my own.


planetnomad said...

Mmmm. Bacon and ranch dressing? Mmmmm....
Did you know salad dressings are something that can't be bought in France or Francophone North Africa? True. You can get some vinaigrette-type things, but not much.

Orderly Housewife said...

Hi Jennifer,
I met you last year at the Love Your Veggies retreat in Chicago (I wish I was there right now). Have a great time in NYC!!
Bridget O'Boyle