Friday, February 19, 2010

May I Recommend?

Do you think about Black History month at all? In general once Martin Luther King day comes around at the end of January, I give it a passing thought for a few weeks, but this year, I've been highly aware of the African American struggle and triumph.

I've been reading through Black History month (linked to my On Reading post at 5 Minutes for Books that tells more about my focus).

Specifically, here is some of what I've been reading, linked to my reviews:

Wench -- giveaway currently open through 2/23.

D is for Drinking Gourd, a fantastic look at African American history from the creative publishers Sleeping Bear Press.

You should also read African American author Zetta Elliott's perspective about being Whitewashed in her guest column at 5 Minutes for Books. I'm in the midst of her young adult novel A Wish After Midnight I'm enjoying right now -- really enjoying.

Other reviews recently posted:

Healing Hearts -- another current tie-in with February also being heart month. This is the memoir of a female heart surgeon. Interesting and informative.

Another guest review you fans of Percy Jackson might want to see. Heather at Age 30 Books (and Kiddo) reviewed The Lightning Thief movie for us. Have you seen it? We haven't, but a certain 11-year-old is begging to.

There was also a full hour show on NPR's On Pointe this week with the author, Rick Riordan, about that series and new ones to come. I only heard a bit, but hope to download the rest.

And I posted my full review of The Frog Scientist, this year's Middle Grade/YA Nonfiction Cybils awards winner, which I helped select. If you are looking for book recommendations for kids of any age, from preschool on up to teens, check out all the finalists.

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Robin of My Two Blessings said...

We've read "Follow the Drinking Gourd" several times. My son loves the story. I read "The Lightning Thief" but have yet to get my 10 year old interested in it.