Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Nightstand -- February

Even though February is a short month, it seems like ages since we had a Nightstand carnival at 5 Minutes for Books. Why is that??

I did publish some reviews of books that I had On My Nightstand last month that interested several of you, so I invite you to check out my reviews of Elizbeth Gilbert's Committed, An Irish Country Girl, Wench (with giveaway still open), and Healing Hearts. I also just posted a review yesterday (with giveaway) of I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced.

There are two books I must carry over from last month:

As for what's next?? I don't really know. I'm not feeling any compulsion to read one thing over another.

So maybe I'll let you pick which book I'll read for sure (in addition to the two above). In your comment, tell me which one or two sound really interesting to you and I'll be sure to get to them this month.

I actually have a lot of middle grade and Young Adult novels waiting for me --

I don't have as many novels sitting here right now, but a couple are on the top of the pile, and I have been on a novel kick:

I especially need your encouragement in the Non-fiction department. I have 3 books that look great, but I'm just not reaching for them:

Another fun thing that I'm doing this year with my reading notebook is trying to track the number of books and pages that I read each month. January totals: I read 4 novels, 3 memoirs and 4 young adult books, and started or finished 3 more, for a total of 2548 pages read.

Check out more participants' Nightstand lists at 5 Minutes for Books the 4th Tuesday of every month, and don't forget to weigh in with your opinion about books you'd like to see me complete before the next Nightstand carnival!


barbarah said...

Keeping up with pages read might be fun!

Far From Land sounds interesting.

I'd love to see Toxic Friendships from a Christian viewpoint. I've struggled with people I'd like to get away from, so to speak, yet wonder as a Christian what the right response is and whether I just need to seek more of God's grace to deal with them.

Carrie said...

I vote for Toxic Friends & Trixie Belden.

And oh my word - I almost made my Nightstand post a "You vote" one as well and then scrapped it at the last minute because I was feeling motivated all of the sudden and dove into a couple in particular. Right now I like just about everything on my Nightstand which made choosing a little harder. =)

Lisa notes... said...

I read your review of I Am Nujood yesterday and it sounds like an interesting (but sad) book. I will add that to my list. It’s not nice to have any compulsion over what you have to read next!

morninglight mama said...

I would vote for the Whitopia book- that sounds good!

Nice numbers you got there, big reader!! I always wish there could be more time in my day for LOTS of things, with reading being near the top of that list. :)

bekahcubed said...

I have to echo Carrie and say Trixie and Toxic Friends.

I rarely really "choose" what books I'm going to read--I just have what I have on my literal nightstand and pick from them as the fancy strikes. I guess my moods change a little too often to set my reading in stone based on one day's decision.

writer2b said...

The Toxic Friends book does have an interesting title. It's always such a whimsical call for me, which book to read when.

Your numbers are amazing. I could probably approach that many pages -- if you let me count children's books I've read aloud to my kids!

Lauren said...

So funny. I thought it was yesterday when we posted the last nightstand, and you feel like it has been a long time. :)

I loved your review about the girl, Nujood. I will add that to my TBR list for sure.

Just Mom said...

You have some heavy weight titles on this list! I vote for the light stuff - read Trixie Belden!

Nise' said...

You had a great reading month. I have not read any of the ones you have to choose from, so I am no help.

Fonda said...

I am looking forward to your review of Toxic Friends. Just not sure that I am entirely ready for it. ha!