Thursday, March 04, 2010

GOOD Customer Service

Many people think that bloggers like to use their forum to complain about everything -- companies that don't meet their expectations, stores that don't treat them right, prices, politics, their own lives.

Maybe some of that is true, because venting is alive and well, and while I don't do it on my blog that much, I do find it to be necessary and therapeutic in life at times.

But what would you think if I complained about service that was too fast??? Well, I'm about to. You see, we are undergoing yet another little home improvement project. We are painting the kids' bedrooms, we are buying some new furniture for Amanda, and Kyle is taking Amanda's furniture -- and her room. The really daunting part is that we are replacing all the carpet upstairs (downstairs are hardwoods, which we refinished two years ago in another home improvement project). If anyone has any carpet-selection advice (do's or don't's) I would love to hear it!

But I digress. . . .

I ordered a daybed for Amanda from a week ago. The product page said, "Order now, and it will ship when available in mid-March." The timing worked for us. It would give me time to reorganize and purge the kids' rooms, and line up painters. But a few days later, I received an email telling me that it was on its way. And sure enough, it arrived on March 2.

It actually worked out fine, because Terry was out of town so the boxes could hang out on his side of the garage. But March 2 is not the middle of the month!

While we are talking about good customer service, can I toot Apple's horn? Amanda's ipod touch was not holding a charge, after just 2 months of use. I took it into the Apple store at the mall, and after examining it, they gave me a new one. They didn't ask for a receipt. They didn't ask me what she had done to it, or how long it had been happening or what I had done to remedy it. It was defective and they remedied the situation.

The way they handled it impressed me. To add to that, I had signed up for the free trial of Mobile Me, but I don't really need to be synced up, so I wasn't going to pay for it. The email reminding me that my free trial was up came while we were on vacation. I didn't cancel it and thought about it again today. My free trial expired on 2/21, and per my agreement when I signed up, I was billed the yearly fee. I went in to cancel on 3/3, a week and a half late, and a message popped up saying that my fee would be refunded. Just like that.

Thank you, Apple (I am still a PC, but I did not invent Windows 7).

What company has shown you GOOD customer service recently?


Alex said...

Thanks for such nice words on customer services. Every customer service tries to help their customers in every possible ways. Not only the customer care of Apple but the customer care of all the company tries to give their best.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I've had good experiences with Apple as well. And with Good for you for giving kudos when it's well-deserved.