Monday, March 08, 2010

Investing in the Future

Most people who have children think and plan for their future. Whether the child is four or fourteen, there are wishes and hopes we have for them, regarding their future livelihood (may they find something they love), their future spouse (may that spouse love us and we love him/her), and so much more.

College is a biggie. I have friends who either recently sent kids off to college or will be doing so soon. It's a huge decision. Giant. It is during their college years that our children will likely meet that person who they spend the rest of their lives with (I know I did). They will declare a major and set a career path and find a job, which will lead to where they live.

More than that (or perhaps because of all of that), those college years are when a person really becomes who they are. They have to do all of the things that we've tried to teach them on their own. Their faith has to become their own. Their eating and exercise habits have to become their own. Their self-discipline, study habits, responsibility.

Terry and I both went to Texas A&M (as did our fathers and his grandfather). Amanda says that she's going to go there, and while the old Aggie parent joke of "You can go wherever you want, but I'm only paying for Texas A&M" is funny, it's not really what we think. We'd love for her to go there, and I think that the chances are good that she will, but I know when the time comes God will direct her and direct us.

But just in case, Terry and I are investing in the future. Texas A&M is not a Christian school, and it's giant (which scares a lot of people), but there are probably as many or more opportunities for Christian fellowship as at a smaller Christian college.

Breakaway Ministries
started up as a small group in 1989. Terry and I were there through 1992, but neither of us were aware of it. But a couple years ago, Terry started downloading the podcasts of Ben Stuart and Breakaway Ministries (search itunes and listen). We've both benefited from them. We enjoy listening together (but separately) and discussing them. I am jealous for the excellent teaching that these college students are getting and excited that they are being challenged and built up at exactly the time in their lives when they are forming their characters and figuring out who they are and how they are going to live.

Recently on the backend of one of the podcasts, they mentioned that they had made a video so that people who weren't there would know what Breakaway is really about. Check it out -- remember that this is not a Christian school and this is very much a Christian organization. They meet weekly and have thousands of students there. I believe at the first meeting of the 2009 Fall semester they had about 9000. Nine thousand students. Choosing to go and worship God on a Tuesday night.

BREAKAWAY 2009-2010 from Breakaway Ministries on Vimeo.

Gig 'em, whoop, and to God be the glory.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I also met my husband at college. :) We've discussed sending our kids to the same college but I don't think we'll encourage it. We attended a small Christian university and the things we see and read coming out of there today are NOT in agreement with much of our beliefs now. I'd rather my kids be at a secular university with professors who are blatantly not supportive of Christian ideals, than to be with Christian professors who are subtly opposed to truths we believe.

Does that make sense? It's not that I don't want my kids exposed to different beliefs and ideas. I just don't want them to adopt them as their own.

Carrie said...

This post was awesome! It was fun hearing more of your background. I think I knew this but had forgotten that's where you met. Since Jonathan and I both attended different correspondence schools, I guess we won't have a huge thing to say about where our kids go to college.

The ultimate question for us is - what does God want from them? The rest, I trust, He'll take care of. No matter where they are.

Is it totally crazy that it feels like tomorrow you'll be telling us how you are filling out college apps with Amanda? It's almost sick how quickly they are all growing up and I see Amanda as this amazing budding young woman and I just know I'm going to wake up and my google reader is going to say, "Jennifer is visiting Texas with Amanda for college week..." or something like that. =D

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Very cool!

And yes, college is a huge deal! And kind of scary.

Though C. tells us already plans to attend the college where Chad and I met, we, too, know that most of all, we want God's best for him, and God's plan. So we wait...and pray.

Martha said...

So fun! Our numbers of Aggie graduates have doubled since I graduated (too long ago). But Hannah is adamant that she will not go there. We tell her to find the best school for her career. We don't hear much from the boys because they can't think past this week.

A&M is amazing on the amount of ways you can find your faith. I always felt it was a great place to learn and grow in your faith. Gig 'em!