Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lord of the Flies

I finished!

I know that William Golding's work was revolutionary and shocking in 1954, but with all the violence perpetuated by and towards children today, it just doesn't seem that "new." Not that I'm calloused to the fact that young boys so quickly turned savage in the face of no adult control, and fear, and uncertainty. It's not that. In fact, maybe instead of being shocked, I was in disbelief. Thinking that life is shocking enough and Golding leaned too far into hyperbole. . . . I don't know.

The text was pretty dense, and the beginning was pretty hard to get through.

I wonder if kids are still reading it in high school, and if so -- if their reactions are different. I asked my very business-minded husband, who hated the English classes he had to suffer through in college because everyone was always talking about what it meant and the foreshadowing, if he had read the book, and he said, "Yes. It had some guy with a weird name."

"Yes," I responded. "Piggy. But it's not a weird name. He was fat; that's why they called him Piggy."

That was the extent of our book analysis, English major to Finance major.

I did have to scrape up an image of the exact cover that I remember from high school English (the same cover graces the copy I checked out from my library). Oh yeah, that reminds me of the second part of our conversation:

"Did the book you read look like this?" I asked the finance major.

"No. Ours didn't have that weird guy on it."

Anyone else have any thoughts or memories of Lord of the Flies?

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Laura said...

I remember reading this one - pretty bleak and the adults from the world at war lecturing the boys on their bad behavior.

Congratulations on finishing it!

morninglight mama said...

I read this in high school, too, and I remember being both disgusted and intrigued by it... maybe how I would have felt if I read The Hunger Games when I was 15, too. I have a vague memory about a head on a stick... pretty gruesome stuff...

And congrats on meeting your "deadline!"

Lauren said...

I read it in 9th grade--same cover as pictured. I don't remember caring for it much, but it would be interesting to revisit it.

Cindy said...

I remember this from high school also. I've been thinking of re-reading it and I think I agree with you about it not being such a big deal now.

Tribute Books said...

Read it before, but will recommend it.

Fonda said...

9th grade English class. I was in the same class as most of the football players and each class got to vote on their two novels. We read this one and The Outsiders. Boys! I didn't much care for it at the time, but the plotline has stuck with me for nearly 30 years...so there must be something to be said for it.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I loved this book in high school (and yes, we had the same cover). But to be honest, I don't remember too many of the specifics, just the general overall progression. I wonder how I'd feel if I re-read it.