Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday Night TV

Was this theme "boring slow song night"?

We got started late. With the show only being one hour, they got started without all the introductory recaps, and so we missed Katie's whole performance. However, in general I like her more than the judges do. I liked what I saw on the recap at the end of the show.

I've just never been a fan of Siobhan, and the "House of the Rising Sun" did nothing for me.

I agree with Simon that Lacey is a great performer, but I don't think she has enough to make it as a singer.

Didi--I did agree with the judges and liked her performance, but I pretty much was opposite of what all the judges thought all the way to this point. They were slamming people who I thought did well (Katelyn!), and liking people who I did not really like.

Terry (who is getting pulled in against his better wishes, apparently) says that Crystal is going to win, and while I agree she has talent, I'm not sure she can get the votes once it gets down to just a few.

I did not think that this was Lilly's best performance, but she's still one of the top 5 of the night.

I've never actually voted, but I think that I will cast a vote for Katelyn, one who I liked and who might need it most (and as I'm typing this, I'm sort of surprised, because I haven't disliked her, but she's not ever been one of my favorites).

How many get voted off this time -- one or two? I think that Paige and Lacey would be the ones to go.

(Jo-Lynne uses that button on her posts. I don't know if she made it, and if it's up for grabs, or what. Hmmm. We'll give it a go this week, and if I'm exposed as a big internet intellectual property thief, I'll repent)


And then we watched GLEE! First time ever. Obviously I'm just jumping in in the middle, so I know that could affect my opinion, but I'm not loving it yet. I want to love it, and maybe I will. I'm just a little lost now. I'm also not crazy about the amateurish hand-held camera work (I'm not a professional, so I don't know what it is, but it's that different semi-documentary style, and I can do without it in general).


Joyce said...

I like Crystal but I think you're right in saying that 'type' doesn't seem to pull in the votes when it's down to the finals. She'll be fine even if she doesn't win...might even be better for her not to win because she can do what she wants. She surely will be getting a contract.

Lisa writes... said...

Love Crystal!!!

lisawritesblog said...

Yay! I was able to comment! Wonder why I can't through my google account?