Wednesday, April 07, 2010

American Idol -- Top 9

I liked live-blogging the elimination last week, so I will do so again.

9:02pm Ryan says that there are some surprises, which goes along with what I was thinking.

I'm pretty sure that Siobhan and perhaps Aaron are in the bottom. I think that they both had weak performances for the second week in a row.

9:05pm I like their group number. Really nice. Can you go wrong with Lennon/McCartney?

I loved the performances last night. I think Katie did great with "Let it Be" and hopefully crawled out of the bottom 3. Andrew did well with "Can't Buy Me Love." I actually think that he always does well, but I will not be surprised when he ends up in the bottom 3 (including tonight). Teflon Tim is also always at risk in my mind. I think that Casey and Lee were consistent as usual, and of course Crystal. She did an awesome job with "Come Together" (which I predicted she might sing). Mike always does well, and I would be surprised to see him in the bottom three.

I am not at all certain with my bottom 3. I think it will be three out of these four: Siobhan, Aaron, Andrew, Tim.

9:13pm Ryan's talking to them. Let's see who he says. Oooh Siobhan. I think he's sending her back there first thing. Let's see. . . . I'm not really sure what he's doing here. I'm guessing that he's going to tell them that they are all three safe: Siobhan, Katie, and Crystal. Let's see. Crystal looks super-nervous!

9:16pm Crystal is safe. No need for nerves, girl. And Siobhan and Katie are safe too. Yea Katie!!

So, my prediction is going with Aaron, Andrew, and Tim in the bottom three, with maybe Andrew going home? I think that Aaron or Tim deserves to go home more than Andrew, but I feel like they have a fan base that is probably fighting for them to stay in.

9:24pm These "stars" that come on and perform make me feel very old and out of touch. I liked that guy's performance, but I can't even tell you his name (even though they've said it three times), but from his clothes to his moves, isn't he a Michael Jackson wannabe? I'm sure he'd call it a tribute, but. . . .

9:31pm "Imagine" is a great song, but last night Terry and I were pretty sure that no one would sing it, for the same reason that I'm not liking David Archuleta's performance. It's sort of boring. I just Googled his name to get the right spelling, and of course good old Wikipedia came up to tell me that he was born in 1990 -- December 28th, almost 1991 really. I wasn't married yet by that time, but I was halfway through college. I could be his mom.

9:38pm Interesting. If Aaron joins Michael, they are both out, and that would be a surprise. I don't think that Lee or Casey would be in the bottom three. Now where will Tim go??? Lee and Casey. I'm thinking that he thinks that's pretty good for him. I agree. I'm thinking they are all safe. Drama. He's asking the judges. I think it's pretty obvious. The question is, would the judges save Big Mike if he was voted off??

9:42pm Aaron is safe, and honestly, I'm surprised. I would have guessed he'd be going home. Now I'm not sure. It could be anyone, but I'm guessing it's Andrew.

9:56pm So will they save Michael? They like him, and I think he's more commercial than anyone else who could leave (like Siobhan who they also like). So if there really is a use for the save, I would think it's him. But I think that they'll end up going with the crowd and letting him go. The crowd is with him.

9:58pm They are deliberating. Ryan is stalling.

9:59pm They did it!! They saved him!! Good drama.

So, here's the question? Do two go next week?? And yes, Ryan clears that up for me. Two next week.

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