Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy for Silly Bandz

Has the Silly Bandz craze hit your kids yet? Do you even know what it is? I wrote an article at Newtown Patch explaining it, and I'd love for you to check it out.

Like everything my dear sweet enthusiastic tween daughter does, she has jumped into this with gusto. For some people having 4 or 5 -- or 8 -- is enough, but not Amanda. She's collected a lot of them, and wants more! As I said in the article, they trade them, and so as a reasonable mom, I don't understand why however many she has is not enough. If she wants one that she doesn't have, she can trade one of the many she does have for this new one, right? She doesn't really need more. But that's just me. I'm pragmatic. Even when I was her age, I didn't really jump into all the fads with both feet. Do remember Gummy Bears? They were a rare exotic import in my junior high years. People would lick them and stick them to their polo shirts as an emblem. That's weird. Because I didn't really care too much, I can't even remember other fads. Can you? What fads swept your elementary and middle schools when you were growing up?

Anyway--back to the Silly Bandz. Because she wants more, as a mom, I am on the hunt for them. They sell out quickly, but I discovered a secret: sells Silly Bandz. They cost just about the same, and most of the companies offer free shipping. So, not only can I get them, but I was able to get her a very in-demand pack of the Rock Bandz.

If it hasn't come your way -- to your elementary school aged kid, or middle schooler, it will, and you can say you heard it here first. But I really am curious -- are your kids or their friends wearing and trading Silly Bandz?


Carrie said...

I can't say that I've heard of them but they ARE kinda visually appealing in a bright and colorful way.

And it sure beats out licking a gummy bear and sticking it to your shirt! WOWee!

Of course, the only fad in MY school was wearing pj's and my mom fought against that. ;)

Lauren said...

We went through the peak of this phase about Oct-Dec, and I think it has trailed off. So...I now have a house full of unworn silly bands. The fads go as quickly as they come. I remember parachute pants, Tretorn shoes, and Member's Only jackets from my younger years.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

The first I heard of these was from you. Of course, being a mom of boys, some of the fads don't make it to this house. Not sure if the girls in C's school are into them... I'll have to ask.

At age 11/12, I was completely obsessed with those friendship bracelets made from about a million knots. I was a highly skilled bracelet-maker, and could do all kinds of designs. I didn't even charge people...just made them and gave them away.

Nancy said...

Like Katrina, I have boys and have never heard of this fad. And also like Katrina, I was big into the friendship bracelets, I remember sitting on my bed, with one end safety pinned to a pillow, flipping and twisting.

I also remember friendship pins, which were safety pins with beads that we wore on our sneakers. And of course the black rubber bracelets like Ricky Schroder used to wear on Silver Spoons...