Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Month of Reading only Non-Fiction, It's No Joke

Not that many of you would assume that there was some sort of book-related April Fool's joke being perpetrated here, but it is a somewhat unbelievable goal, given my history.

I read several novels a month. Many. At least three or four, if not more.

I might read one traditional "hard non-fiction" book on top of that.

I usually read a couple memoirs each month as well.

But in the last couple of months there were a few non-fiction titles that I was eager to read that kept getting pushed off the top of the stack. Titles I wanted to read, but I didn't quite get to. I don't know why. With a growing stack of books that I had committed to reading, I knew I could easily fill a month of reading with only non-fiction.

My exclusion is anything that I'm reading with and to my kids. Since April is National Poetry month, I'll be reading some poetry as well, but that's hardly going to take the place of "real" reading -- we aren't talking Beowolf or the Iliad (shoot me now).

Also, there are a few novels that I am trying to finish up, and I'm giving myself through the end of the weekend to do so. I did finish my audiobook this morning, so I will move on to non-fiction in that arena as well. I'm looking forward to listening to Columbine, and catching up on some of my NPR podcast and sermon downloads.

I list 13 non-fiction books on this April list: Five are memoir, which stand in nicely for novels in my mind. Five are what I consider "hard non-fiction," parenting, social sciences/commentary (which I love if they are well written), biography etc. The final three are a mishmash -- humor and essay-style reading (I think).

I am specifically interested to see if it changes my reading patterns. Do I read less? More? Differently?

Let the (non-fiction) reading begin!


Carrie said...

Apparently we're swapping places lately! Usually I can't get out of non-fiction but I'm making myself get to some works of fiction. Nice, broadening experience. =)

morninglight mama said...

I can't even imagine reading that many books- any genre- in a month!! Good for you. I'm happy if I can read ONE non-fiction in a month. :)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I should have clarified -- and on my SRT post I did -- but I have NO thoughts of finishing them all. I do want to finish them all within the Spring timeframe, but not in the one month.