Friday, April 02, 2010

A Really Good Friday

We have a tradition around here: most Fridays are Chipotle Fridays. Since we usually ate Tex-Mex food once a week when we lived in Texas, we feel the deprivation keenly as Connecticut residents. There are Chipotle burrito restaurants in Manhattan, but not near us. Since we enjoyed it as a Mexican option even when we lived in Houston, we appreciate it all the more now. We often start looking forward to it by Wednesday.

Since today is Good Friday, Terry knew he'd get off work early. So not only were we looking forward to him bringing it home per usual, but we knew we'd be able to eat a little early. Terry was concerned that it might be too early, but I told him that when he's out of town, we often eat at 4:45, which was only slightly exaggerated.

But today as a special treat, not only did he bring our dinner, but dessert as well.

This topped off an afternoon spent enjoying some outdoor reading (and even squeezing in some indoor chores).

A very good Friday indeed.


Carrie said...

Yeah, ok, that was not very nice. =) So. Monk, Season 8 arrived last night. The plan for tonight is to put the kids down and then watch a Monk. And I'm heading out to the local bakery, thanks to you, and picking up some yummy (and even organic so there =P food to enjoy with it. And it will involve chocolate. Oh yes it will.

planetnomad said...

Mmmm.... I have only eaten at Chipotle once but it was EXCELLENT. So thankyouohsoverymuch but now I'm totally craving it...and believe me, it's not an option in Morocco. :( Sigh...
Happy Easter!

Sarah said...

That sounds so wonderful! Good food and extra time with the family. How thoughtful to bring home cupcakes!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Looks perfect! I've never been to, nor experienced the food from, Chipotle's. One of these days, maybe... Love the outside reading pictures