Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terrific Tuesday Television

First off -- American Idol top 7. I didn't feel like it was a great night for anyone, really. Of course Crystal did well, as expected, and I did like Big Mike's performance, and I've been a fan of Lee since the beginning, but I could take or leave any of the others. I think that this might have been Casey's last performance. The judges have been hard on him, and that was not a good night. And I am ready to see Aaron and Siobhan go, though I know others don't agree. I don't know where Tim stands, though I'm glad he's gotten some praise the last couple of weeks, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see his cute dimples again in the future (off-Idol).

Now it's not just American Idol that is making Tuesday "must see TV" night here in my house, but GLEE as well.

After watching the mid-season finale last month one time, I didn't get it. But I still wanted to. Sarcastic, ironic, stereotypical high school drama, set to Broadway-style singing and dancing numbers? C'mon, what's not to love? So I did it. I Netflixed the first half of the season, going to the beginning and I caught the fire. I finished up those first 11 episodes before this second half started last week. In addition I bought the Volume 1 soundtrack to sing along to.

It's official: I'm a Gleek.


Kritter Krit said...

I'm pretty much okay with anybody going, except Lee and Crystal. I agree with you - I think Tim will milk his dimples for at least one more week. Ah, the power of pre-teen swooning.

Here's what I thought:

Martha said...

We are Gleeks too (even Steve has been sucked in). I think it is fun because they are sining songs that we can sing to. I loved the Madonna episode...memories. It reminded me of singing to the Dick Tracy album :)