Monday, May 17, 2010

Green Grass and Red Dirt

Who would have guessed it? I'm loving Little League. Perhaps it has something to do with a particular adorable baseball player.

The first few weeks, it was all about rolling in the grass and kicking in the dirt. There's still a fair bit of that, but after Kyle came in off the field last Thursday, he told another parent, "I didn't even write in the dirt that time." He also made his first play on Thursday. He was at third base, "down and ready," and the ball rolled right into his glove. He was shocked, but went to his base where there was a force "out" (they encourage them to make the play, but the runner stays on base). That heartened him so much that he actually went for the next grounder headed toward him and caught it. Unfortunately, it was not a force out at 3rd, so he didn't get the "out."

Read more of my surprising thoughts about little league in my Patch article, I Like Little League?

I'm not quite sure we'll go as far as to say "I'm a Baseball Fan," but Terry got tickets at work for the Yankees game on Sunday, and we enjoyed it. It was a beautiful spring day, we had awesome seats, and it was a good time. It might have been a little more about hot dogs and ice cream than baseball, but that's okay, right?

Before the game started, they were spraying down the dirt. Both Kyle and Amanda asked why they were doing it. Terry said to Kyle, "You know how when you run in the dirt, and it is all dusty? They spray it so that doesn't happen." I'm sure that dashed any plans Kyle had of playing professional ball. What's the fun of baseball if you can't kick up some dirt? He did see one runner slide and get all dirty, as well as a few rolling in the grass catches in the outfield, so maybe that made up for it.


Windows Wide Open said...

Tis amazing what kids bring to our baseball! ;)
I loved our baseball days and we really enjoy live baseball games as a family. Tis all about being out n about in the summertime, hot dogs n ice cream for sure...such bright colors n fun times!
Glad you enjoyed it!

morninglight mama said...

Oh dear. I fear that showing S those amazing pics from Yankee Stadium, i.e. my hubby's Mecca, would cause him to fall apart. He took JAM to one game at the old YS a few years back, but he's dying to be able to go back up sometime and see the new stadium. He does get to see the Yankees play the O's on his birthday next month down here, although it's always a little tricky being decked out in full NYY gear at Camden Yards. :)

Welcome to the baseball moms club!

Lisa writes... said...

How much fun. I kind of chuckle at your surprise and even hesitation in defining yourself as a sports fan. I once was there, dear friend, yet now... Well, let me put it this way: a leopard does indeed change her spots when it comes to her young. I'm no baseball fan but soccer, football and basketball--yes, indeed. I even watch when it's NOT EVEN ONE OF MY BOYS PLAYING.

New spots, I'm telling you.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Glad you're enjoying it! We've gone to a couple games around here, both pro and minor league. Fun family activity, but all of us start getting bored about half-way through. :) We prefer soccer and football, I think.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We've also been enjoying baseball - T ball to be exact. And we've gotten in 1 minor league game so far this year. Baseball's turned out to be fun for our whole family.

Lauren said...

He looks so cute! I am glad he is enjoying it. How cool that you got to go to a Yankees game. My husband and son went to a Rays/Red Sox game while we were in Florida, and my son had a blast. My daughter and I stayed at the hotel. I would have enjoyed the game, but pool time was much more her speed. However, she does love the concession stand!