Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I don't expect much on Mother's Day. I don't ever receive nor really want expensive gifts. I would probably like a heartfelt card, but have long since gotten over being disappointed by not receiving one. I usually get taken out for a nice meal and get some extra hugs and kisses and "I love you's," which are fully appreciated.

The one thing I ask for is that once a year, Terry try to get a decent picture of me with my offspring. This morning I braced myself for the grouchiness that usually ensues. Terry doesn't really like snapping the photos, and he doesn't like my helpful suggestions, and it's the morning, so we are usually rushed (even though I specifically restate my request each year that I want time to take some pictures before we leave for church). It's not a good way to start the day. And today -- the results, not so good. In addition to an impatient photographer and a weird 5-year-old, I wondered why I didn't schedule my much-needed haircut before this annual tradition.

Today we tried to breakfast at our favorite spot here in town -- a spot that we don't frequent because of long lines and fairly high prices (for breakfast -- it's a treat, not a weekly meal). We thought if we went before church, arriving shortly after 8:00 a.m., we would not run into crowds. How wrong we were!! We ended up at Panera instead.

After church Amanda and I were signed up to help at the nursing home (something we do about once a month with our church). Before we had to be there, we had time to squeeze in a trip to the mall to get some things she "needed."

Honestly spending those few hours with Amanda was an excellent way to spend my special day.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at home, and she and Terry cooperated on dinner as well, grilling out hamburgers.

All in all, a pretty simple day, which is exactly the way I like it.

How did you spend your Mother's Day?


Joanne said...

My Mother's Day started like all of them for the past 12 years: breakfast in bed cooked by my awesome hubby and brought by hubby and kids. Katy had written me a poem, Ally had picked my favorite flowers to include on the breakfast tray, and Sean gave me lots of hugs and kisses.
Today was also Ally's birthday so most of the rest of the day was about her, but I managed to get out of cooking and cleaning for the entire day! :)

Carrie said...

MY mother's day had the same flavor as last year. Apparently I have a new standing tradition (last three years!) of being sick on Mother's Day!

So, I do stay in bed all day long and I do get to zip through books (three already!) but it's more of a forced issue than a gift. At the same time, ya know, it's a GIFT! ;D (I told Jonathan that if there was ever a day I was in favor of missing church, it was Mother's Day, because if I went all they'd do is send me greetings and give me a flower anyway as that seems to be the entire focus of the church on this day. I'd RATHER just stay in bed and read!)

But without the coughing? That'd be nice. ;)

Your pictures do not reflect the grumpiness. ;D So - success!!

Lauren said...

I love the third pic! I can't believe how grown-up Amanda looks--so much different than when I started following your blog in late 2006!

Our Mother's Day sounds similar. I don't get fancy gifts, but I do feel so blessed to be a mom!

planetnomad said...

Love the pics!

morninglight mama said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer-- I love the pics. Those are the kinds of pics that are *real*. :)

We spent a blustery morning outside at the Farmer's Market and a little festival in our city, then back home for lunch, and then out again to go see Babies in the theater (with JAM and my mother-in-law). Dinner cooked on the grill capped off a busy, but great, day! :)

Debbie said...

Jennifer, I found your blog via my sister, Dianne, @ Unfinished Work. I have a 12yo daughter, so it's nice to have a source for good book suggestions for her. Plus it's just a very nice blog. Glad you had a happy Mother's Day. The pics are cute.

Lisa writes... said...

I love the pictures!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I think your hair looks gorgeous! Great pictures. I don't have the emotional fortitude to pursue pre-church pictures around here. I'm sure we'd all look highly irritated. :)