Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Father's Dragon

This month I took advantage of some excellent recommendations from avid readers for my children. I'm linking this up to "I Read It!" at 5 Minutes for Books where we share our thoughts of books that others' have recommended. Join in or see what others have to say.

Of course, Amanda and I were continuing to read aloud the Mysterious Benedict Society books, at Carrie's recommendations, but when Dawn jumped on the bandwagon as well, as an enthusiastic adult reader of this delightful series, it was confirmed. We finished the third book in record time -- only a few weeks, which is not bad for a read-aloud with over 300 pages (both links above are to their thoughts on the books). I grew to love the characters more and more with each installment, and am quite sure I'll pick up whatever Trenton Lee Stewart writes next. Some say MBS is over, but I think that there's still hope for more! Although I'd love to meet some new characters as well.

Kyle and I enjoyed reading a true Children's Classic -- My Father's Dragon. Dawn read it with her kids back in January, and I knew it would be perfect for Kyle and I to read, since he is ready for longer and more complex books. I also remembered that Lauren has it on a list of all-time faves to read with children.

My intentions were good month after month, but it was never available at the library, so I finally bought it. It really is a perfect book to transition into chapters. Warning -- it's an old-fashioned non-PC whitewashed sort of book. For example, the animals actually want to EAT the boy! But of course, he outwits them time and time again.


Carrie said...

My Father's Dragon gets a lot of ravs. I think it's one of those great classics that is going to be around for a looong time - despite it's PC hangups.

LOL! Looking at your side bar and I think the cover art on "When Did I Get Like This?" looks hilarious!

Nancy said...

Ooh, great idea for new characters in the MBS! Maybe the Benedict 4 grow up, and there's a new set of kids to solve a problem, I like it!

And I love the old-fashionedness of My Father's Dragon, possibility of being eaten and all. The 2 sequels are good, but the original book really is the best of the 3. We didn't even make it through the last one before it had to go back to the library.

Jen Rouse said...

Beth and I loved the "Dragon" books too. I also love the resourcefulness of the boy in the book--how he packs his bag and heads out on his own, ready to tackle whatever comes his way!

morninglight mama said...

I'm not sure if I changed anything during our reading of MFD, but I certainly did have to do some explaining of certain terms or concepts. I think it was almost a little refreshing to have an old-fashioned story with a danger element to it, though. It was so fantastic and unrealistic that I didn't feel like it would really worry Red.

Robin McCormack said...

We have both books and kiddo has loved reading them and having me reading it again and again.

planetnomad said...

Oh we loved MFD back in the day. There are 2 sequels too, which are also fun. I think they are books we kept through all the moves too. Timeless.