Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tantalizing Tuesday TV


Can I just remind you all that I liked Lee from the beginning. That's it.

I haven't written about Idol in the last few weeks, but I think that Lee has been gaining steam while Crystal has sort of lost it. Even tonight she was a little wavery on some of her notes. I did like Ellen's song choice for her, although I was surprised that none of the judges commented on her ability to relate to the song when she kept singing over and over "Maybe I'm a man. . . ."

And I totally agree that Casey made a bad choice, and though he sounded good, I think that Kara and Randy made a boring choice for him.

If it's not Lee and Crystal I'll be super surprised. Anyone could win, but I'm pulling for Lee.

GLEE -- live blogged

Oh we start off with what I've been waiting for -- good ol' Neil Patrick Harris.

With a mullet no less.

Doing magic.

I am smiling. I love NPH. And just for the record, Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester, has a little somethin' too, especially when he's doing white boy rap.

Terry was astounded when he found out that it was Cory Monteith's, Finn's, birthday last week and that he just turned 28. He does look young, but it doesn't surprise me. It also doesn't surprise me to find out that he's Canadian. He does look Canadian.

Looking at in these scenes, I'm feeling the need to wikipedia Jonathan Groff/Jessie, because he has a few lines on his face. And he's only 25. And openly gay, which I knew, because there was a big Newsweek article last week where the writer doubted if actors like Groff could play straight. I think that Jessie doesn't seem too gay to be straight on the show at all. Ironically, the article also mentions NPH, but says that he pulls it off (although I have to say that he's not seeming too hetero in this episode). And I'm tired of him playing jerks. I want to see his sensitive side.

By the way, today I got my Glee Soundtrack, Volume 3, that just released today, since I pre-ordered it.

And we're back. Now are are combining another love of mine -- Billy Joel. Even Terry is smiling now as NPH belts it out.

Dream On. I have not watched these clips, nor listened to the song on my new CD, so it would be fresh. And it's good. Seriously, Matthew Morrison is awesome. I found out that he was in South Pacific on Broadway right before he started Glee, and I had to dig out my Playbill and see if I actually saw him live, but he had already gone when we saw it.

I really, really, like Artie as well. Good number here with "Safety Dance."

Oooh, interesting plot twist with Jessie here. And Idina Menzel, who makes me think of Wicked, which I also love so very much. Very interesting.

Les Mis is awesome, too. May have to get my CDs out.

Great show. Loved last week too. Total Gleek.


morninglight mama said...

Oh, I didn't realize that the third CD was out today. It took me a little bit to get used to number two, and now I LOVE it... as long as I remember to skip "Endless Love" (fine song, but creepy to listen to with them singing) and the she's-having-my-baby song that is just icky.

You'll have to let me know how this third one is!

And yes, NPH was awesome. And the Les Mis song- I had some friends over watching with us, so we were chatting a bit during the show and that kept the mood light enough that I didn't end up a puddle on the carpet when that one came on. (Like I did the other day when I listened to it online!)

Sturgmom said...

OK, I don't think Crystal has lost steam, I think Lee has gained SO MUCH steam that he's gaining on her quickly. He might even pull off a win!

And Glee w/ NPH? AWESOME. I've already downloaded Dream On! But you're right- NPH didn't pull off hetero, but maybe that character isn't?

Artie/Kevin Mchale- LOVE him. I think he's adorable. And tuens out he's a fabulous dancer!