Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When I asked Amanda which book she wanted to share with Kids' Picks, she said, "Well, I'm not finished with it yet, but definitely Tunnels" (by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams).

Here's 6th grader Amanda's review:

Will Burroughs is 14. His dad always built tunnels with him. One day his dad disappears, and he tries to find him. While he is trying to find him, he finds a whole underground community and gets put in jail.

This book would be good for people who enjoy fantasy books.

There are two more books in the series too.
Amanda generally picks up books that she sees other people reading and enjoying. That is how she got turned on to this one. Apparently it is published by the same person who "discovered" J.K. Rowling. Amanda did say that the first part was slow, but she's hooked now, and is almost finished.

Kyle brought home a book on Dinosaurs from his school library. He liked it so much that he renewed it, so we could keep reading. It was heavy on facts. I have a feeling that this type of book is in our future. I couldn't find the exact book, but I'm pretty sure it was a DK book, and it may have been this one.

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Z-Kids said...

Thanks for highlighting these books! I've been curious about "Tunnels"... it's good to have a recommendation now. Thanks Amanda!

morninglight mama said...

I haven't heard of TUNNELS- I'll have to ask JAM if it's on his radar.

And yes, there is something about young boys and the fact-filled nonfiction! I'm glad he loved it so much it was worth a renewal. :)

Upstatemomof3 said...

Tunnels sounds like something I would have read as a kid. And I think my son would love that Dinosaurs book.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

We'll have to check out Tunnels -- sounds like my tween would love it.