Thursday, May 13, 2010

When I'm Not Blogging

Natasha at Maw Books shares "When I'm Not Blogging," usually about pursuits that are not of a bookish nature. Things have been quiet here, but it feels odd to me, because I actually have been writing -- a lot.

I have an editing job that I do from home, which sometimes takes only a few hours a week, but has required more than that the last several weeks (with more to be done). My new writing gig for Patch has taken me to interesting places, word-wise (with more to do be done). In the last few weeks, I've written articles on

I spent a good bit of April cleaning, and waiting for carpet -- carpet that was ordered improperly and was supposed to be installed mid-April, which was finally installed last week. It looks gorgeous, it was worth it, but there is still a lot of work to be done as I get rid of the stash of stuff that I brought downstairs to get ready for installation (a trip to Goodwill is definitely in order).

I also have spent a lot of time the last two weeks in the car. We've had band concerts, school events, extra rehearsals etc etc. I love my children, and I love that they are involved, but I do NOT like being "Mom's taxi." It's probably my very least favorite thing.

What about you? Has this been a busy spring?


monica @ paper bridges said...

so you're a reporter now too? how fun! I remember those days well. all the interesting people I met, their stories, the wackiness of small town politics. enjoy :)


PS hope we get a chance to meet up at the convention

morninglight mama said...

Oh, the title of Boss Lady may have to put on the shelf for a while to make room for The Reporter. :)

I'm really enjoying all your Patch articles!!

Carrie said...

My world is not so exciting or all that busy at the moment. Still trying to shed a nasty cough and accomplish various house projects. Watched almost an entire season of Biggest Loser in a week and a half. (That would sound unprofitable except I WAS exercising while watching!) And reading through books like crazy trying to set myself up to be "all clear" before I come see you. =)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

You definitely sound busy. Glad you like the carpet and that that project is done! Spring here...stressful.