Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday -- Slacker Mom Style

Last Thursday I sent out an email to Kyle's kindergarten classmates inviting them to his birthday party on Tuesday. Yes, that's a whopping 5 days notice. In addition to this excellent planning, his actual birthday was 3 weeks ago. Two strikes against me starting off.

It was a busy week, with BEA going on, followed by the long holiday weekend, followed after that with a billion concerts and school activities and sporting events, and weekend guests, at which point I wanted to sit around and rest and breathe and recover.

At one point I broke the news, "Maybe we just won't have a friend party this year," (since we had already celebrated with my in-laws and here at the house), and his eyes welled up with tears, which is fair because we had been talking about how we'd have his party here.

I prefaced my email with, "I feel like a total slacker mom, but I'm finally pulling together a party for Kyle on Tuesday afternoon, and we'd love for you to come."

It seems that my transparency hit a chord with the other moms. I got several responses saying things along the lines of "Don't feel like a slacker mom," and "I always feel like a slacker mom," to similar confessions, "I forgot my camera when we had my son's birthday party."

The party was here at the house, and I had a lot of outside toys and games for them to play with. There was one new game that I should have set up before hand, because I didn't realize what was involved, but it went along with the slacker mom theme of the party when it didn't really come together as it was supposed to. However, the kids played with it as is. I was reminded that they don't really care. What they did care about is that they were all together enjoying each other's company. And what Kyle cared about was that I made the effort and gave him a party.

It was a success all around.


Carrie said...

Awesome! =)

Musings of a Housewife said...

I think those parties are the best kind. Long live the slacker mom! :-)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

My oldest had his birthday near Kyle's. We were in DC for 6 days and the actual birthday was the day after we got home. Add the 3 day weekend, tons of laundry and just general tiredness I let it be known that we would only celebrate as a family this year. Will was bummed since he'd been talking about a party for months but he got over it when we let him pick the restaurant. His criteria? They had to sing and bring him dessert. :) Just today he was campaigning for me to take the other 2 to the dollar store so they could be him birthday presents. Let it go, son. Just let it go.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

You are an awesome mom, not a slacker mom! Looks like much fun was had by all!