Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memoirs of a Goldfish

Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian is one of the books that I picked up from Sleeping Bear Press at BEA when Carrie and I got to hang out with Audrey for a bit and hear what is new from them.

This is a lovely, bright, and whimsical picture book. Since my favorite genre at the moment is memoir, I loved the play on that genre -- a picture book that is set up as a goldfish's diary.

Day One: I swam around my bowl.

Day Two: I swam around my bowl. Twice.

That's how the goldfish's diary begins, but it doesn't stay boring for long. Soon his bowl is overcrowded with stuff and other creatures, and he has to stake his claim on "his tank."

Six-year-old Kyle doesn't generally get stuck on a particular book, but we read this book twice. Then he kept it beside his bed and was reading it in the mornings himself. Then his dad read it to him.

We all give it two thumbs up. It's cute and clever and fun. According to the jacket flap, "Time away from his new companions gives him a chance to rethink the pros and cons of a solitary life. And discover what he's been missing."

Yes, there is a little bit of a moral there, but it's not shoved down the reader's throat. And does it need to be? No, it stands alone as a sometimes sweet and sometimes silly tale.

I've linked this up to Kids' Picks at 5 Minutes for Books. See what other kids are reading as well, the 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Looks really cute! And since it's Sleeping Bear Press I'm sure I'll love it. I think I feel a bit like the poor goldfish this morning - a bit overcrowded by stuff and people. :)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...


Carrie said...

I REALLY like this book. I think the humor of it is over Bookworm1's head at the moment -but nevertheless, he still asks to read it! It's absolutely adorable and amusing to boot.

Love it!

morninglight mama said...

My first thought was of "Diary of a Worm"-- a book that we recently read over and over while we had a small collection of worm pets. :)

I haven't heard about this new book, so I'll have to check it out!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Sounds very cute and clever. L. might enjoy this one. Like Dawn, this made me think of Diary of a Worm, a book my older kid loved when he was little.

Rea said...

This looks like the type of book my boys LOVE! I'm bummed that our library doesn't have it; I think I'm going to request it.

Korella said...

MEMOIRS OF A GOLDFISH just received the Wanda Gag Read Aloud Book Award! Congrats to David Scillian, Tim Bowers, and Sleeping Bear Press!